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Bianca: You may have heard my constant ramblings about my love for ‘Bonarche Burgers’ in previous posts. They do, what I believe to be, some of the best burgers in Sydney. Better than ‘Chur Burgers’ and I’ve been to Chur three times to make that comparison, so I don’t say it lightly.
Nestled in the former prime time location of Norton Street, Leichhardt (the Parramatta Road end) is Bonarche Burgers, a rather unassuming little eatery. With rather small signage it would be easy to wander past on an everyday basis and not be aware of the splendour within. Where Chur Burger has hit the nail on the head is its fit out, a loud vibrant space with white walls, young staff and timber furniture. Had Bonarche taken this road, more people would be heading to Leichhardt for a burger. The thing is, the charm of Bonarche is it’s quaintness. It’s what set’s it apart from every other place in Sydney doing 10 buck burgers.
The team behind Bonarche Burger are ‘The Chef and The Butcher’ – The Butcher being Roger Bond and the Chef being Tracey Archer with both working in various fields of the food industry and both having worked with the Australian meat juggernaut ‘Meat and Livestock Australia’ you know they have honed their craft to a tee.
Whenever I’m craving a Hamburger my first and general instinct is to head straight for Bonarche, hearty is the one word I would use if I were asked to describe their burgers.

Wax paper, newspaper wrapping.
Wax paper, newspaper wrapping.

My previous visits I stuck to the classic ‘All American Cheeseburger’ with cheese, dill pickles, tomato relish & Coney Island Mustard $11.00. With a flavour eerily akin to a McDonalds Big Mac but a thousand times better. Portion sizes are generous and I love the fact, they offer the option of either a traditional white bun or a wholemeal bun. I always opt for the wholemeal so I’d be curious to see whether the white bun adds anything in terms of flavour.
This chilly Wednesday eve I felt like changing things up and went for the ‘Tender Tokyo’ – A panko crumbed chicken breast with tonkatsu sauce, Japanese coleslaw & Kupi dressing. What a combination! The crumbed Chicken was perfectly moist and paired with the coleslaw made a delectably messy burger.

Tender Tokyo
Tender Tokyo

Wanting to expose ‘Madre’ to a bit of the good life, she joined me for a burger, she enjoyed her ‘Hot Chilli Chicken’ – with spicy grilled chicken breast, melted cheese, avocado, jalapeno’s, salad and chipotle mayonnaise. Generously packed with ingredients, this was one messy burger to eat, half of the fun really. With lashings of avocado and thinly sliced raw red onions, mum was pretty content.

Hot Chilli Chicken
Hot Chilli Chicken

To share, we had a regular serving of ‘Crunchy Chips with Herb Salt’ $4.50. Easily some of the best chips around, they have a front display cabinet full of a myriad of dipping sauce’s. I say go nuts!

Crunchy Chips
Crunchy Chips

One of Leichhardt’s best kept secret’s….

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  1. I agree, Bonarche burgers are amazing, but the “Butchers’ name is Roger Bond!

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