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Bianca: Considering I work just around the corner on Chalmers street, it’s a crime I haven’t made it to Three Williams until now.

three williams sign

Having lunch to celebrate brother number two’s move to Melbourne with him and Mum, Three Williams fit the bill for a spot of lunch and a pre cursor to a Victoria’s Basement adventure. Honestly, you can go nuts in that place.

It was pretty much guaranteed I would be getting a narnie, a signature Three Williams dish, the question was which.

inside shot

Nick (brother #2) and mum started with a Macchiato and a Skim Mocha.


Mum and I shared one single ‘Fish croquette with lemon and aioli’. Really lovely paired with the tangy aioli. I decided to go with the ‘Glazed Beef brisket, slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayo’. Boy have they hit the nail on the head with those narnie’s. Made in house, the naan bread is a great alternative to a traditional sandwich or hamburger. The brisket was tender and delicious slathered in the chipotle mayo.

fish croquette


brisket narnie

Madre had the ‘Coconut & Lime marinated chicken, carrot and daikon salad and nam jim dressing’. Despite my attempts at convincing mum to get the pulled pork, she went with the chicken narnie. She was blown away, the chicken was moist and the salad complimented the chicken well. The only drawback was the fact that the narnie’s, particularly the chicken, leeched out quite a bit of liquid, making it a little messy to eat but let’s be honest, it’s well worth the mess and embarrassment. There are 20+ people in the same place with the exact same problem.

chicken narnie

Nick, being the fussiest eater known to man, literally the only Italian in the world that has never tried Pasta with Tomato sauce! Having grown up with a ‘Food Handicapable’ sibling, we have learnt to improvise. The staff, accommodatingly allowed him to order the Beef brisket for the narnie, on a brioche bun, sans – slaw, gherkins and mayo…. basically anything tasty and or fun. Nonetheless he enjoyed it.

Nicks creation
Nicks creation

Mum and I also shared the ‘Caramelised cauliflower tabouli salad with quinoa, walnuts and preserved lemon’. Madre made a little face when I initially said I wanted to order the Cauliflower but she was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The Cauliflower had a nice char and I loved the little bursts of lemon. My only gripe, more quinoa!!


We also shared a serving of the ‘Beer battered chips with house aioli’. One word: Wow. Incredibly crunchy chips, fluffy and light. I believe the aioli was similar to the croquette’s offering.


Mid-way through the meal the food coma hit, the point where it hurts to take a bite, sacrifices must be made, belts loosened and jeans unbuttoned. We soldiered on, leaving some very sad chips and salad behind.

To finish our meal, mum and I each ordered a skim Chai Latte. Unfortunately it tasted a little weird, so we mainly left these untouched.

chai latte

A really beautiful warehouse space, fit out with a kids corner, an access ramp, generous tables, freakishly nice waiters and fantastic food. A real coup for Redfern.

internal 2



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  1. Great place to eat child friendly easy access ramps, staff very friendly & helpful. Food was fantastic a great time was had by all.

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