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Bianca: Venturing to the Eastern suburbs is something I rarely do. I tend to stay in my comfy Inner West/ Inner Sydney bubble. This particular Friday with a set list of ‘adventures’ to tick off, Alex and I headed to ‘The Sailors Club’ in Rose Bay. There was a mix-up with our private water plane (happens all the time) so we hoofed it in the Mazda also known as the ‘Bianca-mobile’. She goes all right.


Arriving at bang on 12pm, the restaurant was deserted. We were greeted very warmly by the host who showed us to a table overlooking the marina and beautiful Rose Bay. Despite not having breakfast in the morning we were fairly restrained. We decided to share two mains.



Alex was drawn to the ‘TSC Fish & Chips in Coopers Beer Batter and Tartare Sauce’, $29. This didn’t particularly knock my socks off. The chips were great, crunchy shoestring fries, soft and pillowy on the inside. The fish itself was flaky and moist, my problem was the batter. It absorbed quite a bit of the frying oil, after only a few bites it became a little sickly to eat. Which kind of worked out well seeing as we were sharing. It didn’t get too heavy for one person to eat.



I went with the ‘Pan Roasted Chicken Breast, Confit of Leek, Grapes and Tarragon Jus’, $33. I didn’t think I would enjoy this meal as much as I did, boy was I wrong. This was a beautiful dish, I was almost sad I had to share it with Alex. With a generous portion of a Chicken forequarter, silky celeriac mash, roasted parsnips and what looked like fried parsnip shavings. This was an exquisitely composed dish, the salty tarragon jus paired well with the creamy mash and a bite of the chicken and it was magic.


As I normally do before I head to a restaurant I checked out the intranet murmurs, they weren’t overly positive. I was pleasantly surprised by my meal at The Sailors Club. They staff were attentive but not intrusive. It’s a great spot for weekend lunch on a sunny day, wine in hand.



Photos by Alex



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