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Bianca: “A public holiday is the perfect excuse for brunch” said half of Australia over the public holiday long weekend. Perhaps there was a memo but it seemed everybody gravitated to Daisy’s Milkbar in Petersham.


There is always a bit of apprehension when you visit a café with so much surrounding hype, whether it will live up to all the excitement built around it. A 25 minute wait was what we were faced with this particular public holiday Monday, we put our name on the standby list and went for a little wander around Petersham. I’ll also put it out there that I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a table in any establishment, so we’ll file this under ‘fun new experiences’.


Alex was the one pushing for a visit and I don’t tend to indulge him too often so I thought I’d do the sisterly thing, making it even more of a family affair, Madre came along as well.




Staff were fantastic, constantly giving us updates on tables as we waited. Once we were seated they were very attentive and were happy to have a banter.


Mum opted for the ‘Seasoned smashed avocado on toast with heirloom tomatoes’ $8.00. As well as adding ‘Two free range poached eggs’ $5.00. Mum was fairly taken with her offering, they were also the most vivid orange yolks I have ever seen.


Alex and I shared two items from the menu. My nudging and whisperings of ‘Reuben sandwich, Reuben sandwich’ didn’t sink in, so he opted for the ‘Zucchini and Corn fritters with cumin yoghurt and avocado’ $14.00. Which were beautiful, popping bursts of corn kernels, perhaps even rivalling ‘Bills’. The only drawback was the portion size, had that been all Alex got, he would have left famished. It seemed to be a particularly small serving size. Alex also got the ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ $5.00. Why strawberry? Good question….I asked him the same thing numerous times. Who even orders a strawberry milkshake?!! Considering the other options..



Our second shared dish was the ‘BBQ pulled pork with slaw and lime vinaigrette’ $14.00. We pretty much drew the comparison to the pulled pork roll/sub we had at Straw in San Francisco immediately. It was very tasty, with generous globs of pulled pork and rich BBQ sauce. So much so it became a little messy to eat, it was worth it.


A great addition to the Petersham café scene, I’ll be making the trek back to try the Reuben and one of the Dessert Sundae’s. Possibly BYO’ing my own peanut butter – cause everything’s a little better with a dollop of golden sunshine.



Photo’s  by Alex


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  1. mmm love the sound of those corn fritters and lol id totally order a strawberry milkshake too 😛

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