Melbourne – Day 2 Doughboys Doughnuts, Massive Wieners, Fog Restaurant

Alex: My second day (or should I say second morning) in Melbourne town was probably the greatest day of my life, or for any food blogger/photographer for that matter. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for sweets or deserts, so after hearing so much about Doughboys Doughnuts and seeing all their social media I decided to track them down.



Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Doughboys is situated inside of The Mercat Cross Hotel on Queen street, just opposite the famous Queen Victoria Markets. The inside of the Mercat itself is quite retro and grungy so Doughboys definitely fits in with the American style barbecue that is also there as well.


Before I got to Doughboys I assumed that it would be quite a large area and would be packed with people but as me and mum waddled up the stairs thinking about these delicious doughnuts we were about to devour we were surprised to see literally no one there except for the lady behind the counter.


_MG_5086They didn’t lie when they said that they make small batches. It was sort of hard to believe that a place so well known was literally just a 3 table set up.



The prices range from $4-$5.80 which for a doughnut is quite steep but considering they’re made fresh and right in front of you from quality ingredients the price is semi justified.

We ordered 4 Doughnuts:

– Nuttin Better (Peanuts and chocolate pieces)


-Salted Caramel 



The doughnuts themselves look extremely heavy and sickly but surprisingly they were light, fluffy and ridiculously easy to eat making them a danger!!  The craftmenship behind the doughnuts is also commendable as they are made, fresh and on demand. It was almost like watching an art show as she dipped, sprinkled and smeared. My favourite was the PB&J (Peanut butter and jelly). Peanut butter, tick. Peanuts, tick. Doughnut, tick. How many more ticks can I give?! Move over Krispy Kremes, you’ve got some big competition now!

By lunch time my stomach was turning as I felt as though I practically ate all the doughnuts but if I see food in front of me, I’m not going to say no. When my Dad was younger he used to own a Hot Dog Company called ‘Hot Dogs of The World’ so a friend of his told him about a place on Chapel Street to check out called Massive Wieners. The place, like The Mercat was grungy and quirky and looked liked an old sixties style diner, even though it was literally just a desk at the end of the room with some stools around the edge of the restaurant.



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The menu is basic and cheap therefore generally attracting a younger crowd.

Me and my Dad went for the little Pecker, just to get a taste of all the flavours and the frankfurt itself. It was quite nice, the hot dog bun was soft and warm and the Frankfurt was really tasty, my brother opted for the larger version of the Little Pecker called the Average Joe. Although the food was fun and would probably be some really amazing hangover food! I’m pretty sure we waited about 25 minutes for 3 hotdogs which for some bread and a hotdog is absolutely ridiculous!



If you’re ever up for it try the 25inch weiner challenge to get your photo on the ‘Massive Weiner’s Wall Of Fame!”.


For Nick’s birthday (The actual reason we were in Melbourne) we went to ‘Fog’ on Greville street in Prahran. Unfortunately (not that it was a bad thing it just meant less choices) the menu had been cut down due to restaurant going through some major changes)

IMG_3248 As an entree we ordered the Beer Battered Calamari with a chilli de arbol aioli $18. The calamari was seasoned well but I found that the batter became very soggy making it fall off the calamari. Overall though, it was a nice dish and the aioli was interestingly spicy.


For a main, I ordered the Gippsland Porterhouse, grass fed (300g), polenta chips with a rocket balsamic salad $45. The polenta chips were probably the most delicious and crispy I’ve ever eaten, generally I don’t even like the texture of polenta because I find it too grainy but these were perfect. Having only 4 on the plate wasn’t enough!! The porterhouse was soft and cooked perfectly. The balsamic dressing on the rocket oozed into the porterhouse which created harmonious flavours between the two. Eating here was more an experience then simply just a dinner. 



For desert me and my mum shared the Bombe Alaska with raspberry vanilla parfait, raspberry coulis and choc soil $16 We were expecting something completely different then what came out. Generally when I think of a bombe alaska I think of something really big, extravagant and well the exciting bit, something on fire. I was slightly disappointed when this one came out. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that I wanted to see some flambéing action. This desert still came out looking amazing and thankfully tasted just as good. The coulis was quite bitter but was balanced with the vanilla parfait. Something I would definitely try again.



We also shared the Strawberry Creme Brûlée $12. While the portion size was generous and the hard caramel cracked beautifully once the spoon hit the top, the custard itself was curdled therefore making the texture really displeasing and uneasy to eat.



I think it’s safe to say that Day 2 in Melbourne turned out to be a great food day, just looking back at all the photos makes me almost fall into a food coma. See you for the final day in Melbourne soon!

Oh, and Happy birthday Nick!

Until next time..



Alex Squadrito



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