Bianca: Finishing work at 3pm during the week means I hardly ever have an excuse to order take out. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my local Chinese or Thai when the mood strikes. And the cool weather Wednesday night lent itself to a bit of slothfulness. So Alex and I decided to take advantage of a ‘Menulog’ voucher and sit back and relax.

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Ordering through Menulog is fairly simple, you merely choose your preferred restaurant, pick your selected dishes then input your payment details. There was a bit of uncertainty after we had paid, we were anticipating a confirmation sms message that did not arrive 15 minutes after we had ordered. I’m not sure if this is a regular thing. But it did lead to a bit of confusion as to whether the order was processed. Our order was set to arrive at 6:42pm but came at 6:30pm which was very welcome as we were well and truly famished.


We went with a local Thai restaurant ‘Baan Raun Thai’ we tend to stick to two local Thai places in the area so it was nice to try somewhere new. The food arrived neatly packaged, with lids secure (you’d be surprised the mess that has been made at our place from dodgy packed dishes). We thought we would start with a lighter version of a spring roll the ‘Thai Fresh Spring Rolls’ – with a Thai dipping sauce $8.50. These were very refreshing and a great alternative to the heavier fried versions.


Alex opted for the ‘Panang Chicken Curry’ – Coconut milk, vegetables, Kaffir lime leaves peanuts. $13.90. We were both pleasantly surprised with this dish, I’ll admit, out of all the local Thai restaurants in Concord this version of a Panang Curry is my new favourite. With the use of good quality chicken pieces, none of that gristly chicken.

Feeling like a good dose of carbs I went with the ‘Chicken Pad Thai’ – Thai fried noodles, egg, bean sprouts, ground peanuts and vegetables. $13.90. Another solid dish, the toasted peanuts were a nice touch adding some great texture, but the dish on the whole fell a bit flat. It was a little bland.

We were pretty happy with our menulog experience and would definitely consider using it again when we’re in the mood for a little take out.



Photos by Alex


*For Foods Sake were provided with a $30 Menulog voucher, all opinions however are independent.

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  1. The fast and efficient service of Menulog is excellent! Love the look of those fresh spring rolls, and that photo of the plastic bag looks quite moody but so awesome too!! 😀

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