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Bianca: I seem to have well and truly burst my Inner West bubble, with my second visit to the Eastern Suburbs in a matter of weeks. What’s going on?

Doing a bit of ‘Kitchen Tea’ research, I was joined by Madre, Sonia (The bride to be – BTB) and Sonia’s Mum (we shall call her ‘Mamma cool’).

Dunbar house has, without question an unparalleled view of Sydney and the beautiful Harbour. But perhaps they rely a little too much on style without focusing on the substance.

Staff were nice enough upon seating, after some general chit chat orders were taken and a round of coffees were brought to the table. Madre’s order of her usual ‘Skim Mocha’ was confused with a Macchiato, this was rectified and was eventually brought the correct coffee. This wasn’t to be the only mix-up.

Madre ordered the ‘Eggs Benedict with Salmon’ $17.00, with her Hollandaise on the side. The waiter then brought out a Ham Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise over everything. Clearly not what she had ordered, to make matters worse. He was quite pushy and rude, almost patronising my mother. When clearly the mistake was on their end. They eventually brought the correct dish out, but it was a sad state of affairs. A cold English breakfast muffin, not even cut. Completely whole, with a stack of salmon and cold poached eggs. She wasn’t pleased.

Salmon with Eggs

I opted for the ‘Ham & Manchego Omelette’ $16. There wasn’t a great deal to rave about here. A sad anaemic looking omelette with two pieces of ‘on the verge’ burnt toast.

Omelette Dunbar House

Both BTB and Mamma Cool went for the ‘Two Poached Eggs’ with a side of Bacon and Mushrooms $20. Again, a rather lacklustre offering. The eggs were poached perfectly but the shrivelled and underdone bacon were a disappointment.

Poached Eggs and Bacon

Really, the only saving grace was the company and the view.




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  1. Kind of sad when I was reaching for something nice to say Helen. I’ve heard some positive things about their lunch menu, whether I could be bother going all the way back is another story. 🙂


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