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Bianca: Yes, Bianca was craving burgers again. It’s a regular occurrence. Honestly if I could never leave the house and have a combination of Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard bring me AND feed me cheeseburgers I totally would!!

Recently ‘Ribs & Burgers’ opened a store attached to the Rhodes shopping centre and with ‘burger’ in the title name, how could one resist?

ribs and burgers outside shot (2)

Dining with me today was my pal, Ivan, we shall call him ‘Ivanna’. I’m always very indecisive when ordering, there’s always the internal debate of ‘Beef’ or ‘Chicken’. Usually opting for beef, because, classic! Duh.

When I saw ‘Mini Burgers’ on the menu I was sold. I love the fact they offer sliders with both Beef and chicken alleviating that awful feeling of buyer’s remorse, I guess jealousy is more adequate. Both Ivanna and I went with the ‘Mini Burgers’ – 1 beef, 1 chicken and side of fries. $16.00.

duo burgers (2)

Brought out on a chopping board, both mini burgers were a generous serving and will happily fill one very hungry person. Now to the burgers…I was surprised to find the chicken was the hero of the duo. With a substantial slathering of sauce, the chicken was perfectly cooked, I was worried it might be a little dry as it was a thin slice of chicken breast. Sadly the beef burger was very bland, the patty was dry…many a Skarsgard cried that night. The chips were crunchy, with the right amount of salt and bonus, two sauces on the table. With one being a throwback to my high school afterschool chips and sauce ‘special sauce’. Mayonnaise and Tomato sauce.

chicken burger

beef burger (2)

chips (2)

Would I go back? Highly tempted, I’d like to try the ‘Cheeseburger’ because that’s usually the way to weed out a good burger from a bad one.




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  1. Ribs & Burgers is my favourite burger place. I’ve always stuck to the cheeseburger as my go-to order and never had a dry beef patty, but I’ve never tried the mini burgers before. Will need to give the chicken burger a go sometime!

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