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Alex: Perched just above the iconic Bondi beach, Icebergs Dining Room offers luxury with a view paired with a homey Italian menu that emanates fine dining effortlessly. This beautiful winter Wednesday was spent with family and good friend of my dad’s, ex CEO of Westpac bank, Bob White, a truly inspirational man!

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As you enter the restaurant it’s almost as if the view get’s 1000 times better than when you see it outside. Glass windows look out to all angles of the beach. I’ve seen Bondi more times than I can remember but seeing it from Icebergs is something completely different. Definitely a stand still moment.

_MG_6751 copy The restaurant is decked out with massive bottles of Hennessy, and Ciroc Vodka that practically  mimic the layout and design of the place in terms of colours and appearance.

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_MG_6750 copy Beautiful paintings also adorn some of the walls

_MG_6753 copySo, now that the beauty and feel of the restaurant has been made known, let’s get down to the important stuff…

Firstly upon seeing the menu, It’s obvious that Executive Chef Monty Koludrovic, has carefully picked quality ingredients that are bound to leave lasting impressions on both the restaurant and his style of cooking.

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As we browsed the menu we were brought some Sourdough bread that I believe was Rye. The bread was extremely crunchy  with a lovely dashing of flour further displaying it’s crisp texture. The oil that was served with the bread was beautiful, but I would have loved it if it came with a swirl of balsamic vinegar just to give it a bit of punch.

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I’m not going to lie, I was slightly embarrassed to take my camera out and take photos here so I only took photos of my food and my brothers! John ordered the 400g Black Angus Rib Eye $54. A large tender piece of beautiful Rib Eye that according to the one of little words was “nice”. Thanks for that John.

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I ordered the Bistecca con Cipolle Farcite e Carota $46, a 500 day grain fed flat iron steak, onion stuffed with braised wagyu, carrot & black olive. As it was placed in front of me I was mesmerised by the beautifully vibrant colours that reminded me of a homely italian dinner but at the same time, as you look closer and look at the detail on the plate it’s evident that you are sitting at a fine dining restaurant, with everything delicately placed. The carrots were soft and almost mashy, the onion stuffed with wagyu was interesting, but tasted a lot better with the added texture of the the crunchy kale. The steak itself was moist and full of flavour. A beautiful dish that is a must have, especially for the creativity, texture and beautiful colours.

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For sides we ordered the Patatine (Fries) $12 and Insalata di Piselli, (Peas, bio-dynamic farro, celery, mint, salted ricotta salad) $13. The chips were like beautiful golden treasures perfectly seasoned. I love seeing rock salt clinging onto anything really, and that’s exactly what I saw. They were deadly to say the least, always tending to go back for “just one more”. The peas, while full of flavour were, interesting. My mum makes the best peas that are on the verge of almost mashed but still keeping it’s shape,  with finely cut onions that I just die thinking about. The peas at icebergs was made as a cold dish, like a salad. While the texture was there from the crisp and firm peas to the pearl cous cous, I just felt as though there was something lacking here. Maybe I would have preferred it as a hot dish, nevertheless, I would definitely consider it a refreshing side dish on a hot summers day.

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Mousse al Cioccolato e Olio d’Oliva Zokoko 68% Chocolate and Olive Oil Mousse, Salted Caramel Crisp and Chocolate Sorbet $22 A dish that sounds amazing, unfortunately didn’t deliver in terms of flavour and punch. The best thing about this dish was the chocolate sorbet. The olive oil consumed the flavour of the mouse and made it bland. I was looking forward to my dessert so much and I was disappointed! Ahh..

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The Affogato, Vanilla Ice cream, Vittoria Espresso Coffee, Grated Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans $12 was presented and served beautifully. The little black spots from the vanilla bean in the ice cream were so prominent as well as the bed of shaved chocolate below created a wonderful contrast of colour, as John poured the coffee over it slowly began to wilt and melt away. I was secretly kicking myself that I didn’t order it. 

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Well Icebergs, you are certainly a beauty, The next time I go will be at sunset!

Until next time!



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  1. Affogato has become really popular in the States, too. And I have always just known our relatives in Italy to drown their fior di latte or vaniglia gelato in espresso. I never thought of it as actually being made to order on a menu. Of course, when the bruschetta and pasta e fagioli crazes hit the States, I had the same feeling. I just never thought about our everyday food being exotic or fit for a gourmet menu. Ha!

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