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Alex: Rapidly becoming one of the most hyped and talked about places in the inner west, Brewtown Newtown offers a rustic and well thought out dining area/cafe that seems to have a never ending amount of people frolicking to get in.

_MG_7618 copyThe decision to come here was based solely on comparing their Cronuts to the amazingly good one’s from The Grumpy Barista. It was killing me to join the trend and wait in line but we were lucky enough to not have to wait at all so myself and fellow cronut lover Michael – now known as P.I.C (Partner in Crime) decided to check out the breakfast menu.

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The menu was abundant in options that left me questioning my final choice, the Mini egg benedict brioche roll $8.5. Before I begin on the food, the service at Brewtown was some of the best I’ve seen in a long while, all the staff were aware with what was going on, were extremely helpful and managed to be extremely calm within the craze of cronut hungry people. After ordering, our food came within 5 minutes, I almost questioned whether or not it was ours because of how fast it came. Jokes, who am I kidding, I quickly grabbed my camera, took my photos then excitedly tucked in. As I cut through the brioche, the beautiful smell of buttery goodness took over but then. Disappointment. The poached egg was overdone and not by a little bit. There wasn’t even a bit of oozing yolk at all. As I took a bite it became apparent how rich the dish truly is. The hollandaise has a high butter content alone, add in the brioche and it’s almost unbearable. The bacon, lacked crunch, and mirrored the texture of everything else on the plate. While it looked good and smelled good  I’m saddened to say, this was a miss.

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_MG_7601 copy

P.I.C is boring and got the same thing as me, so we’ll move straight to the Cronuts shall we!

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We opted for the Chocolate Crumble Cronut $5.50. A beautiful hybrid of deserts. It looked beautiful and moist, and as P.I.C cut into it, it was evident as to how flaky it was. but there was no creamy goodness inside like the cronut at The Grumpy Barista.

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The cronut was good, but … it lacked something and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

_MG_7590 copyI’m going to blame my some what disappointing experience at Brewtown on a hangover, I’ll be back to try the Glazed Cronut and the Elvis Burger. You win this time Grumpy Barista.

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Until next time!

Alex Squadrito


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  1. Ooft, not cool when your only savoury is a miss and both of you got the same thing! I didn’t actually see the ‘burger’ on the menu. Their beetroot cured trout is one of their sig dishes!

    Well, and their cronuts, of course 😀
    That said, I actually agree with you on the cronuts – it was not served at the right temperate. As a result, the pastry was a little bit on the limp side, which wasn’t particularly inspiring.

    1. It was definitely more on the greasy side compared to Grumpy Barista. There’s is more rich, but in saying that more flavoursome and with beautiful textures, definitely not oily though!

  2. Oh man! I love the brewnuts (as they call it now ) but I don’t like the chocolate ones too. You need to try their Glazed & cinnamon sugar brewnuts. Best!! Nice write up Alex

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