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Bianca: I have one of those traditional lovely, old school Nonna’s that usually don’t leave the house unless it’s for church or family occasions. But the past few years as we’ve gotten older we like to take the old girl on a few ‘excursions’. My Nonno like my brother isn’t particularly adventurous with his food, to the point where he hasn’t had a single hamburger from McDonalds in his life…..his ENTIRE life. If it isn’t Italian it doesn’t go in the gob.

So, we like to take Nonna to places where she can experience something a little different. Dumplings in Cabramatta, Brunch at Bills… And this particular occasion celebrating Nonna’s birthday, breakfast at Garfish.

garifish exterior

Any outing with my grandma typically involves lying about the time to be ready, the general rule is 30 – 45 minutes before we actually intend to leave, seems to work a charm every time and luckily she doesn’t have the internet so she’ll never know.

Situated in the heart of Crow’s Nest on a quiet side street, with the car park just around the corner. Garfish a predominately seafood restaurant, has a pretty decent breakfast menu. We started with a round of coffees, Madre had her usual Skim Mocha, with Nonna initially leaning towards a herbal tea. We forced her to the dark side and coerced her to get a mocha as well. What are families for, if not to bully and torment?

Garfish mocha

For the woman of the hour, Nonna went with the ‘The Garfish breakfast’ – eggs, bacon, Cumberland sausage, mushrooms, tomato and relish w/ ciabatta toast. $18.00. Poor Nonna, when the plate arrived she took a large gulp of air, shocked by the size of the plate. I just had to take a photo with her against it. A very generous serving of food for $18.00. Large breakfast plates tend to go with quantity over quality but in this case Garfish had some great quality items on the plate. The bacon was perfectly crispy, harkening back to the good ol USA crispy bacon days, the only drawback was the sausage being a little ‘pink’ in the middle.

garfish big breakfast


garfish nonna (2)

Madre seemed to have created her own breakfast that day, she’s always trying to be difficult that one. She opted for ‘Two poached eggs, salmon, avocado and toast’. The plate doesn’t lie, so it appeared she enjoyed her meal.

garfish mum breakfast

For myself, I got the ‘Poached Eggs’ – with bacon, roast mushroom and bubble N squeak, beetroot and horseradish’ $17.00. Again lovely crispy bacon, the bubble n squeak was a great alternative to a traditional hash brown, it was a little on the salty side with nothing to cut through it. I must have completely blanked on the beetroot as well, it was placed on top of the eggs ‘polluting’ my meal. I swiftly swished that off to the side. Cutting into the eggs I was disappointed to find my poached eggs well over, no runny yolk in sight.

garfish my breakfast

All in all I was quite pleased with my breakfast at Garfish and of course, what else is there to do after eating more than half a days’ worth of food before lunch time, than stopping off at Kurtosh for…what else, a Kurtosh or chimney cake as they’re more well known.

Nonna was pretty much at tipping point by now, she could only manage only the smallest bite of the piping hot and freshly made Hazelnut Kurtosh $8.50. Mum and I each ripped a piece off each, unravelling the delectable pastry. It was unlike anything I have had before. We ended up taking more than ¾ of it home to the family. Perhaps not the wisest move after such a big breakfast.


It sure made a delicious after dinner treat that night, slathered with some Nutella.

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  1. It was a perfect breakfast and My mother really enjoyed her day, she does love to be out and about enjoying life & the food was fantastic. I love you write up Bianca!! Hope to go to Garfish again.

    1. Ha, thank you Lorraine. I’d be impressed if you could pull off a Kurtosh. Though I wouldn’t be surprised, your recipes always look delicious 🙂

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