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Alex: With people frolicking to Zeus at all times of the day, waiting outside (even in the rain!). I was almost gob smacked when myself and (P.I.C) Michael drove past one day with literally no one there, not even inside!



Finally, this would be the day that I got to try the infamous souvla – pitas, wait jokes, scratch that. I would’ve been happy to skip lunch entirely and go straight to the Loukoumades…I didn’t though.

With so many undeniably great options it was hard to stick to one choice but I ended up going with ‘The Spartan’ – Baked chicken with Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelised onion and parsley. $9.50 _MG_9617_MG_9628Firstly it’s evident just by looking at it, how hearty the meal is going to be. It’s fresh, clean but still has that great street food style about it and with affordable prices. It’s no wonder Zeus has become such a well-known place in such a short amount of time. The chicken looked really fatty which I was worried about but when you bite into it, it was like an explosion of succulent flavour that was enhanced with the tangy mayo. The chicken had a bit of crisp on the outside and was deliciously soft once you took a bite and thankfully the parsley wasn’t too overpowering. A great dish, but unfortunately it was a little cold when it arrived at the table.

Michael ordered the ‘Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Classic’ – chicken with tomato, tzatziki, onion, paprika and chips. $9.50. The tzatziki was fresh and aromatic and created wonderful flavours with the paprika, definitely a winner.





Ahh, the main reason I came to Zeus was to try these bad boys. The ‘Loukoumades’ (Greek doughnuts, honey, cinnamon and walnuts). $8 were a complete knock-out. The flavours were so strong, it was almost impossible not to go back for more. With contrasting flavours from the walnuts to the soft centre of the doughnut, this dish is a definite must have. I’d go back to Zeus just to have the Loukoumades. I’m in love.

_MG_9635 _MG_9640


For hearty Greek street style food, Zeus takes the number one spot in Sydney in my books, if you’re planning to visit try a weekday, it’s not as busy and you won’t have to deal with ridiculous cues!



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  1. Gorgeous presentation. Did you figure out why they weren’t busy that day?

    I’m always surprised how food can be cold by the time it reaches the table. I cook at home and food stays hot for ages after cooking. I often have to blow on my food to cool it. It makes me wonder how they’re cooling food so fast after cooking.

  2. Nice one! Though next time you boys will have to stick to traditional Greek Gyros with lamb or even more authentic (in Greece) pork.

    Also, got to love that you can call ahead your order for takeaway pickup on those busy days. There’s also word that they’re planning delivery too!

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