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Bianca: So I can assume most people have seen a few photos of THAT burger from Brooklyn Social. When I saw it I knew that it belonged in my stomach. Alex and I decided to go on a Friday for lunch, it took us a few good minutes to find it, when in reality it’s really in a prime location. Occupying the old ‘Mexico Food and Liquor’ site opposite Central station.

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Now I wasn’t fortunate to make it to MF&L before they closed but Brooklyn Social hands down have the coolest entrance I’ve seen in some time, whether it was there before I do not know. Black vinyl strips hang from the ceiling cloaking the entrance, Alex couldn’t help but mutter as we walked in “I feel like I’m going to a brothel”. I haven’t been to a brothel so I can’t confirm the black vinyl….Alex?

Touted as a restaurant/dive bar, the inside is rather grungy with dark wood, photos of tittays and old school bands, not to mention a myriad of neon signs. As well as having the coolest bathroom. Props to the music selection as well, with some old school 80’s jams playing when we visited at midday.

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I pretty much bypassed the hotdogs straight away, I kind of have an aversion to oddly shaped processed meat. We obviously went for the big kahuna the ‘Meat Packing District burger’ $14. When it was placed in front of us it was certainly a heart stopping moment, two thick wagyu patties wedged between a toasted branded brioche bun with oozy American cheese trickling down the sides.  Visually it was stunning but that’s kinda where it stopped being great. Taste wise, the meat was incredibly overwhelming, it was hard to differentiate any other flavours, I could see the cheese, the pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato and sauce but sadly couldn’t taste any of it. Very disappointing.

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We also got the ‘Thunder Thighs’ – tender crispy chicken thighs, lettuce and chipotle mayo. $12. I feel like I need to high five the creator of this aptly named burger. While this one wasn’t as visually impressive, taste wise it blew the ‘Meat packing burger’ out of the water. The crispy skin was outta this world. I’ll gladly say it’s one of the BEST chicken burgers I’ve ever eaten. It was a task sharing this with Alex, it would continually make its way back in front of me.

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Finally to share we couldn’t go past the ‘Curly Fries with Chilli Salt’ $6. Can’t go wrong with a batch of  these crispy bad-boys.

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It was hard to describe the vibe in Brooklyn Social because it was deserted during our visit, it would be interesting to see this place on a Friday night.

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We were too full to try the ‘Methodonuts’ $6 ea. There’s only so much my delicate little stomach can handle. We then tried to make amends by doing the Bay Run. If anybody saw us, I apologise for our heaving and heavy breathing (its damn hard with half a cow in ya).


Photos by Alex


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