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Alex: Deciding on where to eat for lunch when you’re not entirely hungry can be a bit of a tricky one,  knowing I felt like something sweet, myself and Michael went to Bills to of course ….. get the ricotta hotcakes, what else?


Simple menu and simple restaurant layout, it’s safe to say I’m very excited about the new Bills opening in Bondi! It’s funny watching all the hotcakes and fritters (‘classics’) leaving the kitchen.


Michael decided to order something that I would never even consider. The ‘Yellow fish curry’ – spiced pumpkin, peanuts, brown rice and cucumber relish $26. An interesting array of flavours that all went well together. The fish had a bit of crunch to it which was quite nice as it contrasted well with the soft spiced pumpkin. The actual flavour of the curry was not overpowering at all, a mild dish that was surprisingly really really tasty!


The Ricotta hotcakes’ –  banana and honeycomb butter $20 sorta speak for themselves don’t they? It’s what everyone thinks about when they think of Bills. Rich and moreish, the honeycomb butter was definitely the stand out, it was such a shame there was only a small pat. Make sure you have a bite of the hotcake with the banana, helps to balance out all of the unique flavours!


Just a quick post this time round. Until next time!



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