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Alex: As Three Wiliams quickly becomes an iconic household name in any foodie family, they surprise us yet again by creating a new spring menu that is perfect as the days start to get warmer.

I shouldn’t have to explain Three Williams to anyone because if you haven’t been yet, you clearly have no life…or maybe you do and I should just shut up and keep eating my salty, caramel popcorn as I type this (It’s called food research).


Upon our arrival we were greeted with a beautifully vibrant Lime and Raspberry seasonal house made soda $12 A strikingly fizzy and refreshing drink that was the perfect way to cool us down on this exceptionally sunny day.


I then heated myself right back up with a skim mocha. The perfect pick me up before our meals were brought to the table. The coffee was good, still doesn’t compare to my regular cafe spot in the CBD but it’s definitely up there and did indeed wake me up.


The first dish to hit the tables was the ‘Sautéed Wild mushrooms’, marinated ricotta, truffle balsamic and parmesan on toast $17. Firstly, I’ll say that I have never been able to eat mushrooms. The texture, taste and smell turn me off instantly, but as this was placed in front of me all I could smell was the strong truffle balsamic that left me salivating. The ricotta was decadent and smooth and created a distinct texture once eaten with the crusty bread. I did try a mushroom and they were actually quite pleasant. No funky taste, smell or texture here folks!


The second dish was the beautifully presented ‘Pan baked Eggs’ with spicy beans, cucumber salsa and feta, $16.  A surprisingly refreshing and light dish, no doubt thanks to the cucumber salsa which seems to just lift all the flavours and create a perfectly balanced breakfast meal.


Next up was my favourite savoury dish of the day. The Corn fritters, bacon, Nuremberg sausages, tomato and capsicum salsa, crushed roasted potato and sour cream $18. Yes, it was heavy, and fattening and clearly very bad for you but this was a big breakfast like no other. The tomato and capsicum salsa on those crisp corn fritters was probably the most amazing thing I had eaten in a while. Add in those roasted potatoes and ding, ding ding, we have a winner! Each element complimented the next almost too perfectly. This definitely is a must-order!


One of the sides to accompany our dishes was the Crispy School Prawns $8. I’ve never actually had a prawn with the head and tail still intact and it was, to my surprise…delicious! Perhaps a little too salty, but the side of aioli helped to overcome that.


As well as the Lime and Raspberry soda, we were also brought the ‘Super smoothie’ – kale, apricot, apple, LSA, banana, ginger and cinnamon (also dairy free) $8. As soon as you bring your glass to your mouth you automatically get the powerful aroma of the cinnamon envelop your taste buds. The smoothie is thick but it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking something that’s really good for you…which is great because who wants something that’s healthy, right? Not me! This was also a winner amongst everyone at the table.


And finally, the coveted Narnies arrived at the table. The first being the ‘Herb rubbed free range Roast Duck’ – with roast pears, rocket, apple balsamic and aioli $16. The duck was moist and had quite a distinct flavour that contrasted well with the sweet flavours from the roast pear and apple balsamic. Definitely an ingenious idea. On a side note, it was completely impossible to eat unless you’re using your hands! Having to share it with a few people made it very difficult to enjoy in it’s full glory.


All I’m going to say about the Beer battered chips $7 is that they were the best chips I have ever eaten in Sydney. That is all.


The second Narnie to arrive was the Wild mushrooms, baby spinach, truffle balsamic, stracchino cheese sauce and parmesan $15 As I mentioned earlier, mushrooms are not my favourite food item but again I gave it a try, interesting flavours. They again had that gorgeous truffle balsamic and that cheese sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the baby spinach. I clearly preferred the roast duck, but this is a biased opinion, only because I don’t like mushrooms. Sorry!



Thanks Chef’s!

 Crunchy Brioche French Toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and melted Belgium chocolate $16 Gosh, just re reading the name of it gets me excited! I’m pretty sure I was there for about 10 minutes taking photos of this beaut in all different angles and positions. While I don’t think this is as flavoursome and iconic as their traditional brioche French toast, it’s definitely a rich and ultimately dangerous treat that is best shared with another person.

_MG_7147 _MG_7154

When I saw Homemade lime and coconut cake $6 on the menu I’m pretty sure I had nervous pee. I’m a cake man, always have been. This was (in my opinion) a hundred times better than the french toast! As I took a bite, an explosion of citrus enveloped my taste buds quickly followed by a refreshing kick from the coconut. The cake was almost perfectly moist with a nice crispy outer layer.

_MG_7170 _MG_7172

Well, Three Williams…you clearly have not disappointed with your new spring menu. I’ll definitely be back to try some different cakes and to get that big breakfast that I am now officially obsessed with!

…And if you don’t know where the cafe is follow the yellow brick road! (Elizabeth street) until you find this golden encrusted into the matte grey wall and you know you’ve arrived.


Until next time!

Alex Squadrito


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*For Food’s Sake were invited to Three Williams by Wasamedia, all opinions however are independent and our own.

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  1. Love your shot of the pan baked eggs – it’s so atmospheric!

    Would you believe that I haven’t been to Three Williams yet? Everyone keeps talking about it, but I just haven’t gotten around to it!

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