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So my relationship with burgers sometimes borders on the inappropriate, so much so, my good friend and co-worker Mark (Job Dun) has christened me Scarf Juice after a burger spillage incident in Glebe many years ago. He still hasn’t let me live it down.


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So when Mark told me about a recent burger addition to the Glebe dining scene I knew I had to have a looksie. This is ‘Beautiful Burgers’ second location in Sydney, the other being not too far away in Chippendale. Fitted out in prominent green colours, it is a rather small shop with limited seating. Enough for perhaps 10 or so people. It wasn’t particularly busy the Friday lunch time we visited but there was a steady stream of people placing takeaway orders. I loved the diner photographs on the wall – giving it a bit of old world charm.


The menu is a bit of a mish mash of burgers ranging from traditional beef burgers to chicken, kangaroo, eggplant and tofu. Really a burger for everybody. There did seem to be some emphasis towards ‘health’, whilst it wasn’t stated anywhere, any burger joint with Acai Bowls and power shakes is definitely saying something. And I’m all for it, I hate the fact most people deem hamburgers unhealthy – it’s all about quality of ingredients and of course moderation. So shush ya’ll.


Job Dun and I were clearly on the same wavelength, with both of us opting for the ‘Yankee’ – beef or chicken (we went beef), iceberg lettuce, mayo, tomato, bacon, cheese, dill pickle, ketchup and mustard. $13.50. This was a behemoth of a burger, almost the size of my head. I don’t think the photo’s do it justice. With a soft flour dusted roll, packed with a thick minced beef patty. I must have had a blinder on when I ordered because I didn’t actually realise it came with bacon so that was a nice little surprise. The beef mince on its own was incredibly tasty and moist, always a common issues with burgers. Having a premium top quality patty does more than half the work for you. I’ve never been one for large amounts of mustard on burgers but I think I may be a convert now. Looks wise it’s sort of the opposite of a beautiful burger, taste wise it’s on point.




We also shared a serving of ‘Chips’ $4.00. They do offer hash browns which I found interesting but couldn’t go past the classic. These were crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside, in other words pretty darn good chippies.


Pretty solid recommendation from me here, if you like your burgers check this place out.




For those that enjoy a bit of nerd in your life, I whole heartedly recommend checking out Mark’s comic ‘Job Dun’. You can purchase it online from:  

As well as in store at the following locations:

Sydney – The Comic Shop

Melbourne – All Star Comics

Brisbane – Ace Comics and Games

Adelaide – Pulp Fiction Comics

Canberra – Impact Comics

Because surely we’re sick of superheroes in ridiculous costumes? Who wouldn’t want an overweight anti-hero roaming the streets?




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