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The Majors Bay Road restaurant strip, for the most part has ticked every general cuisine one could desire. Thai, Lebanese, Italian, French but the one thing we didn’t have for the longest time was Chinese. Until now…


Wok Chow opened up almost one month ago in a space occupied by a former deli and a revolving door of failed restaurants, here’s hoping the script is a little different this time around.

Wok Chow is a collaboration between Red Lantern’s Mark Jensen and head chef, Lee from Da Lin in North East China. One thing for sure, Wok Chow is not your local Chinese. There’s no sign of a honey chicken or Mongolian Lamb, instead there is an emphasis on clean flavours without the stodgy over powering sauces.


Madre and I stopped by for a quick bite to eat on a Friday for lunch. Whenever we eat together we tend to be quite restrained so this will be a short and sweet one.


We started with the ‘Chilli Chicken Dumplings’ – w/ red vinegar and ginger sauce (4 pieces) $8. It’s pretty nice knowing that I don’t have to go too far for dumplings now, as Wok Chow have a number of different options. These were tasty but the chilli was fairly mute and understated, I could have done with more heat.

DSC_0299 (2)


Mum and I then shared the ‘Singapore Noodles’ – w/ Pork & Prawn wok tossed with curry powder, capsicum & bean sprouts. $17. Whilst we enjoyed this we couldn’t help but feel it was a little dry, so much so we added most of the sauce from our second main to the noodles. The prawns were plump and flavoursome and we loved the crunchy vegetables and the perfectly seasoned egg tossed into the noodles.

DSC_0306 (2)

Lastly we shared the ‘Oven roasted Hoi Sin & Black vinegar Marinated Pork’ w/ Chinese broccoli, red peppers & onions with steamed rice. $27. This was a heavenly concoction with a potent sweet and sour sticky sauce, which we happily used to toss in the Singapore noodles. If I were to nit-pick it would be that the pork was slightly chewy.

DSC_0304 (2)



This was more of an introduction to this new local restaurant, so it was hard to get an impression just from what we ordered. It will be interesting to see how Wok Chow settles in the Concord dining scene.


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  1. I always love to know about the newest restaurants in town. And I’m happy to read about the first reviews so generously shared by fellow bloggers. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    Gourmet Getaways

  2. Beautiful food and with no MSG.
    My favourite features are the booths inside next to the bar, perfect for a romantic late night dessert and wine/liquor.

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