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Alex: Walking into the luxurious Park Hyatt felt almost as though I was walking through a museum. Beautiful artworks and sculptures adorned the walls and walkways while the fit out of ‘The Dining Room’ mirrored the rest of the hotel in that it emanates a clean, chic and sophisticated experience. _MG_7971

Myself, Bianca and Madre had decided to try out ‘Lime and Tonic’ as they offer quite a wide range of experiences, at a varied price spectrum. For $69 ($49 with a promo code) how can anyone refuse a 3 course set menu at the Park Hyatt?


…and with views as stunning as these, I believe it made it so much easier to just sit back and take everything in.


Bianca: To ‘cleanse the palate‘ we were given a Beetroot, coriander and finger lime juice Amuse BoucheFresh with a hint of sweetness and gone in a second. Beetroot isn’t normally something that Alex and I enjoy but this seemed to stimulate the senses and give our taste-buds a real pick me up in order to prepare for what was to come..


Alex and I’s first meal for the night was the Grilled Wagyu beef confit potato & Boursin cheese, chimichuri (Ordinarily $36). The Wagyu was absolutely gorgeous, perfectly tender. Every element cohesively gelled, so taking a bite of the wagyu with the silky softened capsicum, potato spheres and the crispy boursin cheese was an experience in its-self.

_MG_8006 _MG_8008

Smoked salmon & Nori watercress & Wasabi condiment, green apple emulsion. (Ordinarily $28). Madre’s entrée, consisted of thinly sliced pieces of rolled Salmon, smoked salmon in particular is probably one of mine and Alex’s least favourite types of fish. We both did have a bite to try it and found it very smoky, with that being a predominant flavour…obv’s its smoked salmon! Mum appreciated its lightness and delicate textures, she enjoyed the kick from the wasabi.


Alex will interject here: My main was by far the winner of the night. The O’Connor pastured fed beef tenderloin pommel purée, tomato concassée & Provençale condiment (Ordinarily $48) was exquisitely moist and succulent. It seemed as if after each bite, the medium rare delight became greater in both texture and taste so it’s safe to say this was probably the best beef tenderloin I’ve ever eaten. The purée was thick and creamy and paired very interestingly with the thin crisp seen on top which had a similar texture to that of a crumbly biscuit.

Back to me: I’ll second Alex’s opinion there, only because we both wanted this main but for pictures sake we needed variety.. FFS!!! <<< See what I did there?



Carnarolli risotto green pea & asparagus, crispy parmesan & radish (v) (Ordinarily $38). I don’t think in my 27 years on this earth I have ever ordered a risotto when I have eaten out, I kind of feel like I’ve been missing out now. I almost didn’t want to eat it, it was so stunningly plated but thankfully I had my wits about me and dove right in. I enjoyed the contrasting textures of the silky smooth risotto and the parmesan crisp, I had to be quick though because a) Mum and Alex were thieving and b) the risotto was starting to turn the crisp soft. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this if I went again.


Cobia, carrot & ginger mousseline baby spinach & sesame, orange & mirin. (Ordinarily $42). What is Cobia you ask? It is also known as Ling Fillet, something I have had before. We were just slightly puzzled by the name, apparently something they get often. We pretty much pushed mum into ordering everything we didn’t want to eat because……that’s what parents are for. Lucky for her, she enjoys fish so was happy to make that sacrifice. The Cobia was incredibly meaty, with a texture similar to that of swordfish, it didn’t have a strong fishy taste or smell (unlike the salmon entrée) so it’s good for those that like a milder tasting fish. The puree was fantastic and well-seasoned. Another great dish for the warmer weather.

_MG_8029 _MG_8019

Side of chips $10 …….. Because? _MG_8031

Caramelized pineapple & Malibu banana & coconut, mango granite (All desserts $19). So the desserts was where Alex and I compromised, he got his desired main (the Beef) and I got mine (the Chocolate). I think I lucked out in both cases there. While this was fresh and zingy it lacked something substantial, some sort of biscuit crumb adding a bit of body and texture would have brought this up to the chocolate desserts level. Alex did enjoy it but I could tell he was a little jealous, an everyday occurrence I’m sure!


Chocolate Gran cru hazelnut & quinoa, raspberry sorbet. Bada bing, while all the desserts on the Lime & Tonic menu selection were on the lighter scale of indulgences, this one deserves top billing. Literally a multitude of varying textures, flavours and temperatures. It kept not only my mouth, eyes and stomach interested but the old broad upstairs as well. I could have done without the sorbet, just because I find it nine times out of ten in a dessert, rather disappointing, a cream based ice-cream would have suited far better. Highlights were the chocolate crumb, the sphere and the standout of all – the Valrhona chocolate slither.


Petit Fours, Skim Flat White + Skim Mocha._MG_8054

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lime & Tonic’s – Park Hyatt dinner special, $69 for three courses, as well as an amuse bouche, bread and butter, petit fours and coffee. It’s a steal actually. As well as complimentary valet parking – you certainly felt looked after. A gorgeous sunset dinner overlooking the Opera House and one of the greatest Harbours and cities in the world, it really couldn’t get much better.

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Bianca and Alex

Photos by Alex


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