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Alex: So, I wouldn’t normally write a post about a coffee catchup (or in this circumstance, a milkshake catchup) but I just couldn’t resist after how impressed and completely gobsmacked I was after seeing these killer creations.

Owner, Sarah Aouad has amassed quite a following at ‘Vogue Cafe’ the past few years but as Macquarie Centre has reopened its doors and become the new fashion precinct of the north, things could get a little cray cray… (in a good way!)


The quaint little cafe seems to effortlessly ooze homey vibes, from the very welcoming staff, the cute table decor, the lounges and colour scheme of the cafe to their famous and cheerfully creative drinks. _MG_8439


Unfortunately, we arrived quite late in the afternoon so the kitchen was closed but on display were an array of cakes, tarts, and pastries that seemed to be yelling at me, especially that Nutella scroll.


Alas, leaving with just the nutella scroll would’ve been sinful, right? So a doggy bag was sounding like the sure-fire way to make me leave a happy man. Chocolate croissants, ricotta cheesecake, lamington tart, and my lover, the nutella scroll.

I asked Sarah for her suggestions but really I was just being nice. My mind was set when I saw the ‘Peanut butter milkshake’ $8. If you’re a peanut butter lover like myself then you will literally die and go to heaven. An extremely decadent and rich drink that might leave you feeling a little sick. I’m not going to lie I couldn’t finish this off, but I put up a good fight! The thick and creamy milkshake was cleverly contrasted with the crushed nuts that came up through the straw as you eagerly take a big sip. Who would have thought that drinking a milkshake could be so much fun!?

_MG_8498 _MG_8507

TheNutella milkshake’ $8while definitely a strong competitor could not overdo the peanut butter. This was a lot thinner and easier to drink than the peanut butter one. Honestly, I don’t know how one can fault anything with peanut butter or nutella. Some might say that there’s a point where it can be overdone but who doesn’t like to go a little over the top every once in a while. This is definitely not something you could have every day, but for a nice treat every once in a while, I could absolutely get my fill from one of these. _MG_8512

just look at those tops! Ahh

Thank-you to Sarah for your lovely hospitality, I can’t wait to return.

Until next time!

Alex Squadrito

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