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Vanessa: When we found ourselves spending four nights of our recent honeymoon in Tribeca, we were delighted to be situated in such a trendy place with so many dining options. When we discovered, Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish, across from our hotel we felt we had struck gold!. Finding a place that serves up authentic NYC hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels, on our doorstep, was a blessing.

This small deli-like shop has a steady flow of loyal followers who will happily queue to sample one of the many different bagel, cream cheese and smoked fish options that are available.

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As we took our place in line, I found myself shifting into panic mode. One because of the pace in which the line moved giving very little time to make a decision and two the abundance of choice before us!

The blackboard above the counter has numerous suggestions for combinations but I was determined to keep it simple so I could really taste the flavor of the bagel.

There are so many bagel options it’s a little overwhelming. From sesame to marble rye, cinnamon raison to  pumpernickel, to name a few, which are available as traditional or wholemeal bagels. I settled on an ‘everything’ bagel and hubby went for a cinnamon raison.

That was the first part done, bearing in mind we were steam rolling towards the counter. Part two was to order the spread. Again, the choice is abundant. Cream cheese in all different varieties such as scallion, garlic, strawberry, maple walnut and more. As well as traditional spreads such as jams and peanut butter.

We got to the front and I have to say I did a cave a bit under the pressure and went with an ‘everything’ with plain cream cheese (boring I know) whilst hubby went with a cinnamon raison with maple walnut cream cheese.

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We managed to score a seat in the very small seating area and we tucked in. My choice may have been plain but it was full of flavor. The everything bagel had a combination of sesame and poppyseeds along with garlic flakes, salt and pepper, a delicious mix that went so well with the thick serving of smooth cream cheese.

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Hubby had the winning bagel with his choice of cinnamon and raisin with maple walnut cream cheese. It tasted like a cheesecake and if you like sweets in the morning, then this is a definite winner.


We went back on day two feeling determined to try something a little more adventurous this time round. Alas, feeling once again overwhelmed, I went with a familiar option. I chose an ‘everything’ bagel (yes again!) but this time with strawberry cream cheese. The strawberries had been blended through to form a sweet, rich spread which was amazing.

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My lack of imagination in choosing something different to the day prior meant I paired that amazing sweet spread with a very savoury bagel. Generally savoury and sweet pairing is ok but the presence of the garlic flakes meant the combo didn’t work so well. I would definitely recommend that strawberry cheese cream with a plain or seeded bagel as it was delicious.

Hubby’s choice was even less adventurous than mine as he went for a sesame bagel with peanut butter. The amount of peanut butter on the bagel was incredibly generous and it was paired very well with the bagel.

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Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to return to sample the variety of smoked fish or lox (a fillet of brined salmon). I do know from reading up on Zucker’s that people flock there in droves for their bagel with cream cheese and lox, so that is one of the many reasons Ill be going back one day.

If you happen to find yourself in downtown manhattan with a hankering for an authentic NYC bagel, do no look past Zucker’s, you will be in for a real treat!

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