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Bianca: ‘Copo Café’ is one of those places I’ve constantly heard murmurings of through the grapevines. Known for their breakfast menu, of which they offer all day. Great for those not so keen on the early hours. For me…it’s all about lunch. I’ve never really been mad for breakfast, I’d always push back catch up dates to catch the lunch menu. Unless it really is a unique café offering something other than the standard ‘English Breakfast’.


Which is where Copo comes in, with items such as South American style beans, Bubble & Squeak, House Smoked Trout and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. But I digress, all these delicious options still did not tempt me away from my seemingly inevitable fate to try every burger in ‘all the lands’.


Joining me today was my pocket pal Joyce, otherwise known as ‘Little Rocket’, despite the fact we work together, I had yet to hear about her six-week European adventure and what other way is there for two food obsessed people to get together and chat unless we’re stuffing our faces.


A round of coffee’s were ordered, a ‘Long Black’ for myself and a ‘Flat White’ for Lil Rocket, coffee here is Campos, despite being a fan of their brew I was disappointed with my long black, way too bitter and slightly burnt. Moving along…

Little Rocket perhaps keen to transport herself back to Espana had the ‘Spanish Baked Eggs’ – with Chorizo, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Herbs & Toast. A very decent portion for the price (something that was very fluid throughout the entire menu, prices were fair for the serving sizes). Alas there are no prices on the online menu so I cannot provide them here. While the flavours were decent and standard for a baked egg dish, Little Rocket was underwhelmed, not to mention the eggs which closely resembled little golf balls – completely overcooked, not a runny yolk in sight.


For myself, furthering my burger quest, I had the ‘Cheeseburger’ – with Gruyère, Horseradish, Mixed Leaf, Tomato, Onion and Fries. I am incredibly pedantic and specific with my burgers, the first problem here is that this is not a cheeseburger, it is a hamburger. A cheeseburger really shouldn’t have anything fancy on it, it should have a beef patty, cheese, onions, some tomato sauce and some mustard… An elaborate bun is allowed. Anything else is what I would classify a ‘Hamburger’. In saying that I am an equal opportunity burger lover, so if it’s good it’s all fair game. The first few bites were very disappointing, too much lettuce not enough seasoning. Once I pulled all the lettuce out and added some salt to the patty it was much better. I enjoyed the Gruyère and the horseradish but ultimately it was let-down by its lack of seasoning in the patty and sauce.



I was taken by the sound of the ‘Zucchini & Quinoa Fritters’ – with mixed leaf & Buttermilk & Fetta Dressing. These were simply delicious, they came four to a serve and I believe I ate most of it. Because I took my time taking photos and chit chatting, they were lukewarm when I finally got around to eating them. So I didn’t quite enjoy them in their ‘prime’. They were no longer crispy but at the end of the day these warm fritters were stunning, accented by that Buttermilk & Fetta dressing. If I were given these without knowing what was in them, I might not catch on to the fact that there was quinoa in the fritters. I love me some quinoa and make it often at home but my dad and all of my brothers don’t care for it. But I think even they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from enjoying these bad boys.



And lastly the Lamborghini of fries, ‘Parmesan Fries’. A side of fries came with my “cheeseburger” but Little Rocket couldn’t go past these fancy pants chips, I pretty much abandoned mine once I tried these ones. My memory alludes me (and they aren’t listed anywhere on the online menu) but we both picked up on hints of truffle oil, which ordinarily I don’t care for, it always tastes so artificial. But these chippies were great, I love a good shoestring fry but I have a niggling suspicion that a steak cut would work even better in this setting. Because it’s all about me right?


So mixed feelings after my first visit but I take my hat off to the pretty cool breakfast menu on offer, one of these days I’ll have to force myself into a breakfast option, though that ‘Karage Chicken Burger’ is calling my name.


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