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Alex: In the past couple of years Sydney City has become a hub for innovative ideas and fantastic food from all cultures. Swine and Co is a semi new kid on the block opening within the year and has since created some well deserved buzz and is known for it’s suckling pig and slow roasted cuts.
_MG_7767With an intimate mezzanine level you are taken down to a beautifully dark and moody dining area. This is no place for vegetarians, especially considering all the framed images of pig feet and so forth adorning the walls. Clever though.

_MG_7773 _MG_7774

To start we were brought a little (cotton) bowl of breads including a rye to a flavourful yorkshire pudding and a cheesy/buttery roll similar to a croissant that was then lathered on with butter with bacon bits. Genius!_MG_7776

Joining me in my meaty adventure tonight was my good friend Isabella. Since she is a journalist lets just go out on a limb here and call her notepad (makes absolute sense right). We decided to share what we ordered tonight so to start we got the  Riverlea Pork Schnitzel with Anchovy Butter and Lemon $28. An absolute whopper of a meal. I was not expecting such a large portion size, but thankfully it did not disappoint. The crumbed outer layer was ear shatteringly crisp and surprisingly salty. The pork itself was succulent and juicy and helped to balance the strong salty flavour. I did try the anchovy butter but I wasn’t a fan so I was happy that it came on the side. This is a must order especially if you’re starving!


As a side we couldn’t go past the Hand Cut Chips w. Rosemary Salt and Aioli $10. Notepad and I both agreed the chips were ridiculously salty and as we got to the bottom of the bowl they became almost inedible. The aioli was again covered with tiny little bacon bits and was delicious.


Probably my favourite sauce ever, is a pumpkin, ricotta and sage so I couldn’t not order the Gnocchi w. pumpkin, ricotta, sage and amoretti $22. This was probably one of the best versions of this dish that I have ever had! The gnocchi melted in your mouth but then you were bombarded with the sage and amoretti flavour. It was great to have such a contrasting meal to the schnitzel.


Well my meaty ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t made the trip to Swine and Co, as they like to say “Come on in and Swine with us” Next time I’m going to have to get the infamous pig! _MG_7786Until next time!

Alex Squadrito

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