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_MG_0721Bianca: If there was ever to be a statue built-in my honour, in one of my hands would be a big honking burger, that is just how much I am in love with the portable dee-lights!

My burger obsession pretty much took up most of my November and December of 2014, mainly in part to ‘Mister Gee’s Burger Truck’, it was that good I went five consecutive weeks and twice in one week, I clearly know no shame. Or everyone else is crazy and missing out…. We’ll go with that.

_MG_0725Situated in a car-wash (Now in Haberfield), once it closes and the clock ticks over to 6:30pm, the service window swings open in the Mister Gee truck and the place starts to buzz. Rose Royce’s song ‘Carwash’ has never been more appropriate. As of Jan 2015, they offer four rotating burgers, with a Chicken burger in the works, so in order of my favourites we have:

My very first introduction to Mister Gee’s burgers and setting a ridiculously high standard was ‘The Truffe’ –w/Beef, rocket, cheese and truffle mayo $10. I can say unquestioningly that this was the best burger I had the pleasure of eating in 2014, quite possibly the best ever. Big call but I think it’s totally warranted.  A good burger needs a great foundation and I love Mister Gee’s light brioche buns that are the perfect amount of sweetness. I’ve yet to double any of my burgers – I prefer the balanced, slightly less meatier offerings. But I don’t feel I’m missing out at all. Consistency is key, I had three Truffe’s on three separate occasions and if I’m being honest, I think they got better each time. I brought three different people to MG’s just for this one and it was everybody’s favourite – including Alex who is also now 4 out of 4 of their rotating burgers. I will be there every week this is on the menu. Run to Mister Gee’s for this one. Seating is scarce but really that’s part of the fun, besides who doesn’t like a bit of side eye and uncomfortable hovering?



Next was the ‘Fat Boy’ – w/Beef, jack cheese, lettuce, cabbage and bacon jam. $10. The lady behind the counter asked us if we’d like the bacon jam to which my friends and I shouted “YES!!”. Okay so this was my first time trying bacon jam, let’s just say I now have a printed recipe ready to roll when inspiration strikes. On every occasion the patty was executed perfectly, a really nice char on the outer edges and a very welcome pink on the inside. It’s kind of impressive MG’s can nail a perfectly oozey cheese in a food truck when restaurants and cafés struggle, it’s a testament to the love these guys n gals have for their product. Alex and I decided to christen our first ‘legitimate’ burger of 2015 with a return visit to Mister Gee’s so he could complete his 4×4 quest with the Fat Boy. He doubled his but found that a little overwhelming and ended up taking one patty out. My social media and in person stalking paid off with my very own Mister Gee’s Tee…to say I was excited is an understatement. I then wore my t-shirt to Mary’s the very next day. We also noticed they now hand out little tickets to keep track of orders, as I have noticed a few mishaps with orders going missing or being delayed.



Up next was ‘The Balkan’ –w/Beef, Albanian yoghurt dressing, sumac slaw, crispy sujuk, fetta, house made raspberry jam. $10. Another solid offering, the sujuk (a dry spicy sausage) was a great addition to the burger and added that extra salty hit and a bit of crispiness. It kind of reminded me of a chorizo. Alex and I also got a serving of the ‘Cheese Fries’ $5. Which has really been the only let down of my MG’s dining experience. Tasty chips let down by random spattering’s of un-melted grated cheese.

_MG_0741 _MG_0747 _MG_0754And lastly we have the ‘Cheeseboogie’ w/beef, American cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and secret sauce $10. As well as a side of ‘Dirty Fries’ $5. Now when I say the ‘Truffe was my favourite and the Cheeseboogie was my least favourite’ I’m really clutching at straws, the burgers are really that good, they kind of have their own echelon in the Sydney burger scene. I took my dad and brother on this occasion and they both got doubles and greedily gobbled them up (my single was lost in the order wave) so had to chase that up. Alex also went on another occasion with a friend of his and shared similar sentiments, a good burger but not our favourite. The Dirty Fries were a huge step up from the cheese fries, the combination of the tomato, special sauce and big chunks of cheese was a winning combination. That night they ran out of toppings for their dirty fries pretty early so they may have been a little too generous in the beginning. Excellent for us!





So Mister Gee’s it’s been a great two months, I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store….and I’m totally ready to take this relationship to the next level.


Photos By Alex
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  1. Okayokayokayokayoka – we get it!! This looks amazing. We can’t wait – I can’t handle those Dirty Fries – they look off the hook. I wanna do 4 X 4!

  2. OH MY GOD, I am so hungry now!! I’ve been so desperate for a good burger, I actually can’t wait to go here to try – especially the truffle one!

  3. Great write up fellow FBAS MEMBER!!!

    Mister gees lived up to the hype when I made it there Saturday.


  4. As a home grown Westie I still can’t believe I’m yet to visit here, those burgs and milkshakes cups are so reminiscent of old milkbar days when times were simpler. What a beautiful love letter 🙂

  5. I’ve heard so much about Mister Gee’s, but haven’t been! I just don’t normally head out that way, but maybe I should make a special effort. The baklava shake that everyone’s been talking about definitely sounds appealing.

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