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Alex: The popular John Smith Cafe perched on the corner of John and Botany Road in Waterloo has amassed a great number of loyal clientèle since their opening in early 2014. The quaint cafe along with their clever use of earthy/natural tones have aided in creating a homey  environment where you can enjoy some seriously clever food combinations.

Joining me for this mid morning brunch was Zoe, visiting from Melbourne, so I thought I’d pick a place neither of us have tried before. The wait was substantial, 15-20 mins wait for a table for two, which led to us waiting, awkwardly, with another pair on the same table making it slightly uncomfortable to talk about anything too loudly.

The small size of this popular cafe is really it’s only downfall.

The Coffee’s were some good s**t! It’s no surprise to anyone that has been to the cafe that the staff are very pedantic about their coffee brewing which is a great thing. I’d rather them be able to answer my imaginary coffee questions then just whip up a semi drinkable coffee and leave it at that, so kudos John Smith!


After having to wait a little to order, Zoe decided on the two poached eggs on sourdough bread. A simple dish that is a staple on any café menu but John Smith managed to recreate it in their own unusual way. The added addition of the tiny fig and goats cheese salad with vinaigrette dressing was a welcoming substitute to the common hollandaise sauce with some rashers of bacon on the side.


I decided to go with the Two poached eggs on a sweet potato rosti with goats cheese, fried chick peas, and salsa verde. Not only was the dish a visually appealing delight. The flavours were so sharp and intense that it really worked! The goats cheese was what I was initially worried about but combined with the fried chickpeas and salsa verde it aided in creating a well-balanced and oddly light addition to the dish.


It was an added bonus that the poached eggs were runny and vibrant!



I’m not gonna lie. The whole time that we were seated I kept on dropping hints about dessert, eating dessert, how good dessert is, and how I can no longer eat out without ordering dessert…Obsessed? Probably, but I have no shame. I will return to my little fat boy status fairly soon at the rate I’m going but oh boy I just couldn’t resist. We ordered a Watermelon and Pistacchio doughnut supplied by Glazed Doughnuts and a Gluten Free Lychee and Rose Cake that is supplied by Little Secrets Bakehouse. The doughnut’s watermelon flavour was strong, but in no way overbearing. It was the perfect amount of sweetness that made this dessert utterly enjoyable. Thankfully not too oily either! And the Cake. When the waitress reminded me after we demolished it that it was Gluten Free I was almost stunned. The cake was moist and had a vibrant punchy flavour from the light rose cream on top. Both desserts were fantastic and a great way to end a perfect meal.


Oh and obviously we needed to get another cup a cawfeee!



I’ll be seeing you soon John Smith

Until next time!


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  1. I visited John Smith for the first time on the weekend and LOVED it! And you’re right, their only downfall is their size. We had a decent wait (around 30 minutes) but the staff were so lovely and the food delicious.

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