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Alex: The eastern suburbs of Sydney boasts some pretty great café’s and restaurants. Some that are new kids on the block and others that have been around for years and managed to withstand ever-changing food trends. One of those older contenders is ‘Indigo Double Bay’. Double Bay tends to be a regular hangout for myself and friends because a number of cafe’s stay open till the wee hours of the morning and it’s entirely normal to get a coffee at but one place that I always drove past and was intrigued by, was Indigo. Unfortunately they are not open for dinner but breakfast and lunch is always packed to the rim, with a reasonable amount of tables outside offering alfresco dining and of course indoor seating.


My brudda 4 lyfe Michael makes me feel like sH*T every time we go out because he always orders the healthiest thing and I’m the one that gets the fried whatever. So to start his meal off he ordered a ‘Botanica Cold Pressed juice’, $9. While I did think the price was a little steep for a juice he was adamant about it’s amazing flavour so perhaps next time we go, I’ll have to try one.


I stuck to my normal order of a ‘Skim Mocha’ and I don’t know why I was expecting a  disappointing coffee but it was surprisingly ridiculously good! If only they were open at 1.00 in the morning… Just shut up and take my money!


So I can’t find what Michael actually ordered on the menu but it was a ‘Crispy salmon with mango’ and some other fresh ingredients. (I’ll try get some confirmation asap). Each addition to the plate had very strong flavours but as a whole was refreshing and cooked well. Perfectly crisp on the top and literally fell apart as you cut into it.


My dish on the other hand was the complete opposite. If you have a weak stomach then this dish is not for you. The ‘Four Cheese Ravioli w/ blue cheese, parmesan, gruyere  pepper mascarpone & petite flower salad. $26.90 was ridiculously heavy with some extremely prominent flavours. But in saying that, it was phenomenal! Considering the area, and the price tag this was most definitely worth it. I initially thought it was going to come out as 4 small ravioli pieces with the different cheeses stuffed inside. So seeing such large portion sizes in general in the cafe was a great sign.



So, with fantastic portion sizes and an extremely diverse menu it’s no wonder why Indigo has managed to compete against other popular cafes and restaurants in the area. I did find that the inside of the restaurant definitely needs some sprucing up but the outside is a great place to relax on a sunny Sunday morning. Definitely one to check out.

Until next time!

Alex Squadrito

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  1. Wow everything looks awesome there – seriously need to explore the Eastern suburbs more. Now I know where to go. 🙂

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