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Bianca: Whilst this tale had a happy ending it started off as a somewhat nightmare. I usually pride myself on my organisational skills and to eat (not see) as much of Melbourne as possible I had to be pretty diligent with my coordinating. One absolute pre-requisite for this trip was the double patty smash burger from ‘Rockwell & Sons’, some plan swapping threw everything out the window so things got a little muddled. Which brought me to Collingwood at 12pm on a Wednesday, standing forlornly outside a shut Rockwell & Sons.

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Sadly this day was to be ‘smash’ free, I would be chasing that elusive burger till I left. It’s now my top priority next time I visit. After meandering along for a few minutes I remembered a place just up from Huxtaburger, pointed out to me by my pal Shancois (whom you met in our epic burger crawl here – http://forfoodssake.net/2015/02/23/the-great-melbourne-burger-crawl-of-2015-melbourne/). ‘Po’Boy Quarter’ offer Southern Style fare with the bulk of the menu revolving around the popular New Orleans sandwiches known as Po Boys, of which I tried in my US trip last year.

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It was a particularly hot day but that didn’t stop me I was clearly put on this earth to compete in my own daily version of the Food-lympics. Madre had the ‘Pulled Pork’ – Mesquite smoked pork w/house made Louisiana BBQ sauce, Cajun slaw and pickles. $12.90. I’ve been finding the quality of pulled pork lately rather dubious which is why I shied away from ordering this myself, mum kind of lucked out. This was a winner dish, the pork had a great depth of flavour due mainly to the dark unctuous bbq sauce. The traditional submarine style bread, very similar to a French baguette was the perfect vessel for the chosen ‘protein’ of the day, fluffy on the inside and a crisp exterior.

pork po boy (2)I was taken by the sound of the ‘Deep Fried Chicken’ – Buttermilk marinated, Cajun spiced chicken w/coleslaw, tomato, pickles, Louisiana hot sauce & creole mayo. $12.90. It sounded great in theory but I had an image in my mind of crispy fried chicken pieces which I wasn’t delivered. To be fair, no-where did it state ‘crispy’ and the chicken was in fact similar as well as miles better than the rendition I had in NOLA. It was a great amalgamation of contrasting textures and flavours, with the slaw adding that crispy shattering crunch and the Creole mayo stealing the show, I wish I had taken a photo of the table after we had finished eating – tissues littering every available surface in our immediate vicinity. It was good but the Pulled Pork pipped the chicken at the post.

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It wouldn’t be a party unless there are sides, right guys? I got a little overwhelmed by the choices and went a bit overboard, first up we tried the ‘Cheesy Mac Croquettes’ $3ea. Yes yes yes!! I noticed that these are all the rage in Melbourne at the moment, I had it on three different occasions and all I can say is Sydney pick up your mac game!! Perfectly crispy on the outside and gorgeously gooey on the inside, with clearly identifiable macaroni pasta strands.

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And just because I enjoyed them so much in the South, I couldn’t go past a serve of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ –w/apple chutney. $5. With nary a chutney in sight these were pretty disappointing, they were 70% batter/coating and 30% tomato – a thicker tomato slice would have offset the heavy fried taste and it REALLY could have used that chutney on the side to cut through the richness. I only noticed upon writing this it was meant to be served with a sauce on the side.

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Lastly, it isn’t a feast unless the queen of fried goods has made an appearance. We shared a small portion of ‘Fries’ w/ Cajun mayonnaise. $5. These…were….dangerous. Fries were cooked well but that sauce is where it’s at, I’d take it home and bathe in it. These are a must order!

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Pretty chuffed I got to check these guys out even if it was a happy accident, oh and I even sat in the bay window overlooking the street with a clear view of Rockwell and Sons – soon!

*Sweet bonus – ‘Eat A Scroll’ have been doing a pop up out of a cute little kitschy store in Collingwood, just up the street from Po’Boy Quarter so killing two birds with one stone or my collective cardiovascular system we decided to check them out. With some takeaway goodies for later consumption we walked out with a box full of treats. It’s easy to see where I get my love of food from, I had my heart set on just trying one scroll but mum couldn’t help herself so we bought miniature versions of 4/5 of the scrolls on offer plus a Cruffin. DON’T JUDGE US!!

scrolls shop (2)

These included my favourite of the lot: the Custard and dulce de leche cruffin, chocolate and caramel mini scroll, cream cheese mini scroll, maple blueberry mini scroll and the banana and peanut butter mini scroll. Yes, I did bandy mini in there a lot so you don’t think we’re giant heifers.


Eat on friends!

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