Theatre Bar At The End Of The Wharf

Alex: It’s probably a wanky thing to do but for the past couple of months I’ve really revolved all of my dining around places with really good views! I’d like to say that with beautiful views right in front of me I’ll stop looking at my phone…but that doesn’t happen, and if it’s not my phone it’s my camera but meh…I tried.

After about 20 minutes trying to find this place! (Clearly I’m horrible with directions) we made it to The Theatre Bar At The End Of The Wharf. A substantially large warehouse fit out with quite possibly one of the best views of the harbour bridge that Sydney has to offer. _MG_4581

It was just a quick lunch date today so there wasn’t a lot of food ordered but I decided on the Slow Cooked Beef Pot pie with a side of rocket salad. $19. An amazing dish that reminded me of flavours of some of my mum’s slow cooked stews. There was a prominent red wine flavour that stood out like a sore thumb but I enjoyed that. The flaky pastry on top was not overdone and it melted in your mouth as you took a bite with the juices from the meat. A definite must order if you’re planning on giving this place a visit. Though the pie apparently changes daily(?)



Also on the plate today was the House Made Quiche with Rocket salad $12. This paled in comparison to the pot pie. While this was still quite a generously packed dish (ingredients wise) it failed to wow due to the undercooked pastry underneath. We also found that we were reaching for the salt quite a few times just to add an extra punch of flavour.

_MG_4604All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Theatre Bar at the End of The Wharf. The prices for it’s location are really fantastic and it’s amazing to know that there are places like this that offer phenomenal views with prices that aren’t going to break the bank. Perfect for a quick lunch stop, after work drink or a coffee to sit back and relax to enjoy the view. 

_MG_4644Until next time!


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