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Bianca: So I am a member of a rather fanatic burger cult/group on Facebook – the FBAS or for the un-initiated the ‘Fatties Burger Appreciation Society’. Generally when there’s wind of a new burger place the group is in a flurry, which is exactly what happened all last week when word spread about a small burger joint knocking awesome burgers out of the park in North Sydney. And so my decision was made to make the trek across the bridge to visit ‘Five Points’.

Yes that’s me! Guess we know where they get their buns from!

The menu was created by former Fat Duck’s Tomislav Martinovic (who unbeknownst to me when I visited) was busy prepping patties. It’s a fairly straight forward menu, four burgers, fries and slaw and that’s about the it.

DSC_0692I’d been following the craziness during the week and knew that I had to get in early to avoid disappointment so mum and I rocked up just before 11:30am on Friday and virtually had the place to ourselves. We ordered straight away and received our food within 5-10 minutes, easy breezy.

DSC_0691 (2)Mum had the ‘Queens’ – Grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomato n chilli sauce, iceberg lettuce, gherkin mayo. $11.  Mum’s sentiments were “This is the best chicken burger I have ever eaten”. Where can you go from there? I had a bite and whilst it was good it didn’t bowl me over like mine did (chicken burgers rarely do). The main drawcard is easily the tomato n chilli sauce, they need to bottle and sell that stuff pronto. It was almost like the spicy chilli sauce you get to accompany a Portuguese chicken. Mum had hers sans bacon which we then had them add to mine. We call that winning at life! For my FB FBAS fatties I’d give it a 3.4/5 pickles.

DSC_0696I had the ‘Manhattan’ – Grilled Beef Pattie, double cheese, tomato sauce, pickles, American mustard, aioli, iceberg lettuce. $10. I think this may be the burger to almost rival Mister Gee’s – Truffe. Firstly it was huge, which is sometimes an indicator of generosity over quality. Not the case here. The patty was cooked to a perfect medium rare, making it sumptuous and juicy. Charred nicely on the outside from what I’m going to assume is the smash patty method, easily becoming one of my favourites. It can sometimes leave the patties rather thin and overcooked so nice to see it being put to good use here. They had no qualms swapping mum’s bacon over to my Manhattan and it was crispy on the outer edges which added that nice crunchy textural element. The milk bun was the perfect choice – straddling that sweet/salty line. The burger did have one flaw, it fell apart within a few bites and I’d be interested to hear if anyone else had any ‘structural’ issues as well? Maybe I’m being pedantic! A 4.6/5 pickles.

DSC_0709 (2)

IMG_3319We needed something else to pad the meal out and was hoping for some sort of onion ring, not to be. They have two sides, chips and slaw. It was an easy choice. We shared a serving of ‘Beer Battered Chips’ $4. A generous portion and some of the best chips I have eaten of late. Beer battered is really where it’s at.

DSC_0702 (2)Five Points, I want to thank you for doing the burger community this great service. I’m already trying to work out how to get myself to North Sydney during the week for my next fix. They currently only open Monday – Friday serving burgers from 11:30am – 5:30pm, though word is that they have been selling out early, sometimes 1:30pm. My advice would be to go early to avoid disappointment.


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  1. I second the weekends sentiment from Suze! We wanted to go on Saturday – almost went to Surry Hills on your suggestion Bianca but ended up at Chur. Sad face burgers were experienced. Can’t wait to give this place a go. Hopefully by the time we get there, they will have beefed up the sides…

    1. Sad to hear about the sad face burgers – I was actually thinking to myself the other day “When was the last time I went to Chur?”. Now it will be even longer 🙂
      Cant wait to hear what you guys think!


  2. Thanks for posting this BB, looks amazing might need to arrange a client meeting there soon! thanks for showing teh nutcases at FBAS some sweet love too

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