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Vanessa: A visit to Strathfield’s vibrant food scene generally leaves me overwhelmed by the choice of dining options. However, I have located one place that I will definitely make a bee line for many times over. Recently, I was introduced by my lovely cousin, Veronica, to the Vietnamese eatery, Me Oi.

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Me Oi, which translates to “Hey Mum!”, serves up delicious Pho and other staples synonymous with Vietnamese cuisine.

photo 4The restaurant is small, cosy and tastefully decorated to create a light, bright and modern feel. This family restaurant is best known for its Pho and I can see why it has a steady trade of loyal patrons returning for it.

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It should be known that the Pho can be ordered as either small ($11), regular ($13) and big ($15). The small is a standard size and personally enough for one substantial Pho fix – however if you are adventurous, gluttonous or wanting to share with 1-2 other people go for the big– as it is huge!

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Mr M fits somewhere into the above category and therefore chose the big option of the Pho Special Combination– a seriously massive serve of steaming broth with rare beef , cooked beef, beef balls, tripe and tendon. What a combo!

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I opted for the Mi Ga Don ($14), as a soup, which is thin egg noodles in a clear broth, served with a side of crispy skin chicken. This was a substantial serve and absolutely delicious. The clear soup, although not as robust in flavor as the Pho, was well matched with the chicken. A definite winner and would work just as well as a dry noodle dish.

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We also chose two dishes off the entrée menu. The Cha Gio ($9), six crispy spring rolls filled with meat or vegetables. These were nice and fairly standard as far as spring rolls go.

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The stand out entrée for me was the salt and pepper calamari ($12). Crunchy, crispy calamari tossed with loads of chilli and garlic makes for a perfect combination and a very tasty dish.

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Me Oi is a sure thing if you are looking for a well priced, comforting bowl of pho to warm you in the winter months to come. It will certainly eliminate any indecision on my next trip to Strathfield!




*Please excuse the poor quality iphone pics..Alex wasn’t with me!
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  1. First of all, love the interior, especially the décor. Great choice of colours by the decorator! And yes, please, affordable + comforting bowl of pho – there’s no saying no 😉 Vietnamese food = refreshing.

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

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