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Alex: ‘Pink Salt’ originally found its fame and attention from the TV show ‘My Restaurant Rules’ back in 2005 and has the distinction of being the only surviving restaurant from the TV series. With a recent revamp, both the restaurant and the menu has a whole new look.

Gracing the corner of Cross Street in Sydney’s Double Bay Pink Salt is all about shared plates offering homely, mediterranean style food. _MG_8076As Double Bay tends to be a regular haunt for my friends and I, I have always passed Pink Salt and wanted to sit and dine for lunch, (I still want to as this was a dinner experience!) I would peruse the menu with intrigue so it was great to see that they change seasonally meaning a variety of different foods throughout the year.


To start this extremely torrential rainy wet evening we were brought some Crab & pancetta croquettes w/rouille $14. A fabulous starter that was moreish but not over the top. Simple food being elevated with an innovative mix of ingredients. We didn’t get any overwhelming notes of crab which was great for me.


During the evening we had 3 interchanging dishes amongst the large tables. I received the Scallops, burnt carrot, black pudding crumbs, orange, saffron $19. As some might already know, I am not a seafood eater. I avoid it at all costs unless it’s fried and lathered in some sort of batter BUT this was not only visually stunning, it tasted phenomenal. The scallops were cooked sensationally and I also liked the addition of the black pudding crumbs rather than having a large piece of it as it can often be a little hard to stomach. A great way to start off the night!


Others on the table were given Grilled haloumi, nectarine, pine nuts, vincotto $18 and Braised octopus, squid ink aioli, pickled vegetables $22. Unfortunately there were mixed comments about these two dishes. I tried the haloumi and agreed it should have been hotter before it hit the table. As haloumi already has quite a rubbery texture the fact that it was cold made it a little limp and unenjoyable. It’s safe to say I definitely got the better option out of the three entrees.

For a side to share on the table some Crushed kipfler potatoes, rosemary, garlic $10 were brought out and these were ear shatteringly crisp. Each bite of potato was flavoursome and moist and had a great buttery flavour. Definitely recommend ordering these bad boys.


As the mains started hitting the tables I was secretly hoping I would get the Pork belly but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I was given the Saffron gnocchi, duck ragu, peas, parmesan $29. Now, I might not be the best person to be talking about this because I eat some of the best gnocchi from my Nonna so I always tend to be a little biased when it comes to eating pasta out at restaurants. The gnocchi itself was a little too mushy, and I felt with the peas it just enhanced that mushiness throughout the dish. The duck ragu on the other hand was a great addition and definitely a welcomed change to the normal mice meat that I’m used to. I think another spoonful of parmesan would have been better as well but that’s easily fixed.


Another side was the Grilled baby corn (3), lemon butter fetta $12. I feel as though baby corn is an acquired taste, some enjoyed it some didn’t. I rather enjoyed the citrus hit that I got from it and they had a real nice crunch.


Ahh…So close yet so far. Friend and fellow foodie Natalie (@nutellasum) got the Pork belly, salsa verde “louvi” black-eyed bean ragu, rainbow chard $30 and that crispy skin was divine. This was a winner.


When we were told that we were getting all four desserts from the menu I think there was a little frenzy of excitement. The first dessert to hit the table was the Chocolate del ice, salted caramel DC coffee ice-cream $15. Just looking at the glistening cake was enough to make anyone’s mouth water. The cake itself for a few was a little too rich and intense. After you had a bite or two you just wanted to push the plate back, but Bianc put it up the top of her favourite list.


I have to say that all the desserts were visually appealing making it even more exciting to eat so kudos on presentation . The Tonka bean pannacotta, maple gel, apricot ice-cream $15 had a really great flavour. The maple gel helped to elevate this dish and it was great to see such contrasting textures from those little meringues.


The Ice-cream sandwich with peanut butter ice-cream & grape jelly $15 was a winner simply because of that peanut butter ice-cream. Anything with peanut butter and I’m yours. We liked the gingerbread base for the ‘sandwich’ as it gave the dessert that extra something-something.

_MG_8156My favourite invention ever are probably these Doughnuts, toasted almond flakes, honey almond ice-cream $15. Bianca likens doughnuts to ‘free calories’ as they virtually disintegrate with each bite as if you never ate them in the first place – she’s delusional.

_MG_8162Considering it’s location, the prices at Pink Salt are beyond reasonable and they believe that rather than coming once a month for a special occasion, they want you there once a week. So give me those donuts and I’ll be there everyday!

Until next time!

Alex Squadrito

*For Food’s Sake dined at Pink Salt thanks to Sweaty Betty PR and Pink Salt, all opinions however are our independent and our own.

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