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Vanessa: Tucked away from the hustle of Kings Cross’ main thoroughfare sits this latest Japanese eatery serving up traditional soul food with authentic flavours of Osaka.

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Headed up by owner and Head Chef, Kazu, a charismatic and entertaining Chef, who has been trained in traditional Japanese cooking. Chef Kazu’s vision in opening Osaka Bar is to bring the comfort food of his hometown to the people of Sydney.

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We were invited to attend the media launch event and this evening I was joined by my lovely cousin, Veronica. We were greeted with the warmth of Japanese hospitality and settled in as we gazed over the tempting buffet spread of yakatori, edamame, Osaka sushi and kara-age chicken.

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This evening we were to be treated to cooking demonstrations of three of what will surely be known as Osaka Bar’s signature dishes.

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First up were the Tako-yaki balls which were individually cooked in a takoyaki pan. These deep-fried, doughy balls of goodness are made up of octopus mixed with ginger and shallots. The takoyaki pan ensures that the balls keep their shape when frying.

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We then watched Chef Kazu whip up different varieties of Kushi –Katsu (kushi meaning skewer and Katsu meaning deep-fried with a bread crumbs). On offer were zucchini, potato and pork accompanies by a thick Worcestershire style sauce.

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These were delicious, crispy and pay homage to Osaka’s food style of “Tachi-Gui, an express food style which allows people to eat and go!

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Possibly the biggest crowd pleaser of the evening was the Okononiyaki pancake. The pancake batter can be added to with whatever fillings you like but Chef Kazu demonstrated to us his version with shallots, cabbage, egg and sliced pork belly. A filling dish that reflects Osaka true love for comfort food that can be prepared and eaten quickly.

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We left knowing a lot of more about Japanese cuisine and in particularly the food style of Osaka than when we walked in along with a goodie bag of okonomiyaki flour to try our own hand at the pancake at home.

Osaka Bar officially opened its doors in April and I would recommend popping in for a dose of Japanese soul food in relaxed, casual setting.




* For Foods Sake were invited to attend the media launch of Osaka Bar by management.

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  1. I loooove takoyaki! I tried making it at home using my poffertje pan, but it didn’t quite work out as well as I would have hoped….maybe I should go here for my takoyaki fix instead?

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