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Alex: Like most, I should have been on my way to work this chilly Monday morning but instead it was 8.00am and I was walking into the bustling Charlotte’s Cafe in Birchgrove. Before I even waked in, I saw a line of people huddling at the front to get a table, or waiting for their early morning pick me up (coffee of course) and it was actually refreshing to see such a large crowd happy and cheery so early in the morning at what I assume was their local spot.

As you enter Charlotte’s Cafe you can’t help but feel like you’re walking into a family home. All of the staff were eager and attentive and greeted their customers with such charisma. A simple gesture that can make anyone’s day.

EN4A5683_NikkiTo Charlotte Cafe


As I sat down with my lovely friend Ria, we were promptly able to order our morning coffees. My usual skim mocha for me. The coffee used was Campos and it was beautiful. Nice and chocolatey but not overly sweet. You can tell that they use good quality chocolate.

_MG_8787Charlotte’s also offers some pretty intriguing juice/smoothie concoctions like the one pictured below. I unfortunately didn’t get the name but I believe it was beetroot. It was really sour but a great morning drink. Energising and refreshing.

_MG_8780I think everyone at the table was quite stunned at how beautifully presented the food was. Everything looked fresh, pretty and most importantly delicious. The salmon bagel was not for me as I am not a fish eater but others on the table were all saying good things!


If there was one thing that I could live off for the rest of my life it would be avocados. The smashed avocado with cherry tomatoes on sourdough bread was insane! The home made dressing was what tipped me over the edge and I found myself constantly reaching over for more. It was also obvious in flavour that the ingredients were all fresh.

The corn fritters that can be seen on the right of the image with Tzatsiki sauce were honestly some of the best I have ever eaten. I am already planning my next visit just for these corn fritters. They are a must order!
_MG_8774If you’re lucky and get there early enough you might even be able to snatch yourself a table with a beautiful view like this one!

_MG_8791There are the usual breakfast dishes at Charlotte’s Cafe but they go that one step further in making themselves stand out from some of Sydney’s elite breakfast hot spots. I mean come on! Check out this breakfast platter!

_MG_8765Do yourselves a favour and add this place to your list.

I’ll be back for that burger soon! With Bianc in tow, no doubt.


*For Food’s Sake dined at Charlotte’s Cafe thanks to The Society Group and Charlotte’s Cafe, all opinions however are our independent and our own. A special thanks to Rachael for her wonderful hospitality.

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  1. Charlotte’s Cafe looks like an absolute gem. I loved your photographs – the food looked so vibrant and beautiful, almost like a mini festival was happening on your table. I am a huge fan of smashed avo and this one looks superb! Charlotte’s Cafe is definitely on my list of places to try. Amazing review!

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