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Alex: Surely some of you remember your first moments as an 18-year-old partying it up at Greenwood Hotel on a Thursday night…and while they’re still known for their great party atmosphere, the food is now on a whole other level that is slightly unexpected but definitely welcome.


My uni campus was previously in North Sydney, I was there almost everyday for about 2 years so there were a number of occasions in which we would pop over to Greenwood for a few shots of tequila to relieve the stress (I wish I was joking) and some lunch. The food was your standard pub food. Think schnitty and chips, steak, pizzas etc Honestly the food was never that good, so when we were asked by Sweaty Betty PR to try out the venue after their recent overhaul I was hesitant to say the least.


Upon arriving we sat out in the beautiful front porch area with fairy lights adorning the surrounding building. We came on one of their most popular nights, tranny bingo! It was a good sign to see that not only was it busy but people were all sitting down eating, not just drinking. To start the evening off we ordered the Polenta & parmesan chips with truffled aioli $10. Genius. Any type of cheese with something fried is pretty much set out to be a match made in heaven. The polenta was crisp to the bite with a nice crumb and with that truffled aioli taking that flavour to a whole other wonderful level.


The Field mushroom and pine nut arancini with gremolata & aioli $10 were actually my least favourite but everyone’s else’s winner for entree’s. The mushroom was finely cut with little bits of crunchiness from the pine nuts.


The Salt & pepper squid with Harissa aioli $10, pretty much the epitome of pub food. Unfortunately this was a let down for us. The harissa aioli was great and added a unique spicy dimension to the dish, and while the flavour of the squid itself was top-notch  the squid was slightly rubbery.


The burger Lord Bianc, obviously couldn’t look past the Greenwood Wagyu burger with bacon, jack cheese, tomato relish, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli & fries $17. I think we were all surprised as to how much flavour the burger had. The structural integrity of the burger was A+ and I loved the spiciness from the chipotle aioli. Bianc for the most part enjoyed it but she’s super hard to please when it comes to burgers and pointed out that the patty was a little bland.

_MG_0181  After seeing fries land in front of Biancs eager face we had to order the  Aspen Fries with truffle, parmesan, rosemary & aioli $9. Just get on that, there’s not even any words!!


Our cousin, and Vanessa’s sister, Rebecca joined us for her first food blogging adventure! She ordered the Chargrilled Salmon with fennel, orange, greenthe  olive and baby Kale & Kipfler potatoes $25. No real negatives, the salmon was cooked well. But compared to everything else it was a little underwhelming. This is one for those watching their figures. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!!

_MG_0173 Vanessa ordered the 300g Black angus Scoth with pickled beetroot puree, broccolini, mushrooms, fries and red wine jus $27. She was worried that the portion was going to be a little too big to stomach but it was a manageable with the rest of us to help her out! The meat was cooked very well! It’s obvious the Greenwood has really upped its food game because their version of pub food is definitely up there.


I never tend to order the winner of the night but for once, I did! The Lamb Shank Pie with mustard mash, crushed peas & gravy $19 was phenomenal. I was bombarded with numerous flavours from all different components. Thankfully the pastry was nice and crunchy, despite it being soaked in the accompanying sauce.



Well Greenwood, you’ve impressed me. You’re no longer just a distant memory of drunken Thursday nights but rather the epitome of good quality pub food!

Until next time!


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  1. My memories of Greenwood are also of crazy drinks after uni on Thursday nights. I’m keen to go back for a more of a grown up experience, especially to try that pie and the Aspen fries.

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