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Vanessa: I am always on the look out for great breakfast spots and last weekend I came across one that will be on the return list. Situated at the lower end of Newtown, Yenikoy, meaning new land/town (see what they did there!) serves up delicious Turkish cuisine, with a breakfast banquet that is definitely worth writing home about.

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This is a short and sweet post but I had to spread the word about this gem of a discovery. If like me, you enjoy gathering with a group of friends and family for breakfast, then pop this one on your radar.

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The restaurant can seat a large number of guests and has quite an eclectic feel to it with a mix of traditional Turkish ornaments along with seaside objects! All adds to the charm of the place

Yenikoy offers a traditional Turkish breakfast banquet for $25 per person that is probably one of the best value banquets I have come across.

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The waitress set down two long boards of food before us and it was a colourful feast that overwhelmed the senses. The banquet is visually beautiful and each element compliments the other.

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The banquet consists of various cheeses, olives, sweet spreads, honey, nuts and fresh fruit. It also offers warm Sigara Borek , a vegetarian pastry filled with feta and parsley and the well-known Turkish favourite – cheese and spinach gozleme.

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Although not pictured, the banquet also includes a large dish of fried eggs with sucuk as well as fried eggs with diced tomatoes and capsicum known as Menemen served up with unlimited Turkish bread.

A beautiful pot of Turkish tea was brought out to finish off the banquet.

We were all impressed by the variety and the equal ratio per person, meaning everyone was able to try each item! The style of the banquet is very reflective of the Turkish culture which gathers people around its cuisine.

As we walked out I caught a glimpse of the fresh, sweet pastries being brought out and that cemented my desire to return. If the rest of the menu is as good as the offerings on the banquet, it won’t disappoint.

I would definitely recommend Yenikoy’s breakfast banquet if you are looking for a venue to gather for a leisurely breakfast with friends and family. The banquet is designed for a relaxed breakfast/brunch where you can graze and go at your own pace.

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  1. What an assortment of offerings in the banquet. And just look at those lovely decours and figurines – classic! Love it!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

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