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Bianca: During a Friday spent accompanying Alex, photographing some of Sydney iconic pizza’s a month or so back, I just knew I had to throw a burger into the mix. If I’m faced with the iconic Italian staple and a burger it’s an easy decision, really, the hardest part was choosing where to go. Happening upon a blog post by fellow burger lovers, the HE/SHE duo of  Oh Burger Me . I just knew I had to pop in to ‘The Hayberry’.


The bar itself is pretty cool, I believe there is an outdoor garden/seating but we didn’t make it that far, we were in a bit of a rush and stuck to the front. They have four or so cool raised booth seats and I’ll put it out there, I love a good booth seat. It just makes any dining excursion that much more exciting. Yes, I’m four.


Alex will pretty much never forgive me for forcing him to eat 8 burgers in one day during  The Great Melbourne Burger Crawl of 2015 so he does not enjoy them these days. There’s usually a sulk and a whinge before, during and after. He’s also made the transition from beef to chicken burgers which works in my favour.

He went for the ‘HAY.F.C’ – Southern fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, Swiss cheese & hickory mayo. $17. Alex was quite pleased with his offering but his opinions about burgers mean very little to me. I found it enjoyable but it had a few flaws, I wish it had a bit more mayo as it was bordering on a little dry, the chicken was almost like a schnitzel though Alex disputed this. But it was a good ratio between chicken and the bun. Of which I loved, a really flavourful brioche bun. Almost one of the best buns I’ve had lately –that sentence should never really be repeated. Served alongside the burger are The Hayberry’s famous waffle fries – which have now become my ‘fry’ of choice. Erry-body needs to jump on the waffle fry movement. I’ll create posters for the rallies. For my Facebook FBAS a 3.7/5 pickles.


I had the ‘Classic’ – Cheeseburger w/ diced onions, pickles, American mustard and ketchup and bacon (extra) $15. I’m kind of feeling like I’m going through some sort of burger renaissance at the moment, this one was right up there. Like the chicken burger it lacked a bit of sauce and I would have liked the bacon to be a bit crispier but on the whole this was actually a really tasty offering. The patty was particularly juicy and flavourful and stood up well against the sweet bun, while I liked the idea of the raw red Spanish onions they didn’t add much in terms of flavour. Each bite had a very strong distinct smoky flavour which I enjoyed. A 4.2/5 pickles.


A pretty cool addition to the Crow’s Nest dining scene – nice to see a bit of Surry Hills on the North shore.



Photos by Alex

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  1. bwahahahaha I was just here last weekend!!
    I had the HAY FC too, loved it…
    unfortunately we had to wait about an hour for our food… though at first we didnt realise it but then hunger really struck us… and yeah, but WAFFLE FRIESSSS~~~

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