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Bianca: Generally when one thinks of Criniti’s – its slabs of pizza, pasta and a whole host of Italian dishes which we experienced during our last visit. When we were contacted by Sweaty Betty PR to sample Criniti’s new breakfast menu we were initially taken aback, breakfast at a typical Italian joint? Rolling out across all Criniti venues, they offer a surprisingly decent menu ranging from the standard eggs and bacon, to breakfast burgers, breakfast boards, omelettes and pancakes. I’m not a huge breakfast person and even I was impressed by the menu on offer…Mainly by the breakfast burgers, let’s be honest.


The FFS team assembled at Criniti’s Woolloomooloo for an early Saturday breakfast, we had on our eating hats yet still failed to make much of a dent in the menu. A round of coffees were ordered as we settled in, heater blasting to decide on what to order for breakfast.


For myself it was easy, I had the ‘Ciccio’ – fried egg, bacon, smashed avocado, cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato relish & aioli w/hot chips $14. A burger in the morning for most people is a commitment bordering on insane. Folks see nothing wrong with a bacon and egg roll so why does the burger get a bad rap? First up, I did find the chips a little odd, a single hash brown would have been a little more appropriate as I left my chips virtually untouched.  I blanked on the crispy water when ordering and felt this was one addition that could have been left off, ramping up the avocado wouldn’t have hurt either. The fried egg was cooked well and when you took that initial bite, the yolk gloriously gushed from the lightly charred soft brioche bun. A touch more tomato relish would have alleviated some of the dryness and just for the hell of it a pickle score for my Facebook FBAS, a 3.3/5 pickles.



Alex, wanting to look schmick for Europe (speaking of which he should be in Paris right about now, Hi Alex!!!) went for something healthy. He ordered the ‘Granola’ – w/toasted muesli & dried fruit, house yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit $15. Not exactly how I’d like to start my morning, something fried on a weekend is mandatory. But Alex was pleased with his selection, the yoghurt was great to add that sour twang against the natural sweetness of the fruit and the granola. My only criticism would be that some of the fruit was served on the vine and the banana in half the skin, if it’s on the plate it should all be edible. Might be an idea to leave the banana skin and pick the grapes off the vine and leave those in the kitchen. But otherwise, a light and refreshing way to start the morning.



Vanessa went with the ‘Southern Brekkie’ –poached eggs, smoked salmon, Danish fetta, smashed avocado, dressed tomato, Italian house sausage, olives & polenta chips served with Italian toasted bread $18. Quite a smorgasbord for those that like variety, eggs were poached perfectly and the sausage was a good-un. The stand-out however, were those polenta chips, Alex and I couldn’t help but steal a chip or two when Vanessa wasn’t looking.


I was the one pushing for a fourth ‘collective’ dish just because the double stack pancake’s sounded so appealing. Unanimously we all decided on the ‘Nutella Pancakes’ –w/ caramelised banana and vanilla bean gelato $12. First up, I don’t like it when places skimp on the Nutella, it’s in the dish title so gimmie gimmie. Happy to report that there were generous lashings of Nutella which made these three Italians very very happy. The bananas were beautifully caramelised and gave the illusion that these were somewhat healthy, because fruit! The pancakes were cooked well and had a light fluffy air about them, easily one to satiate those that like to start their mornings with a sweet treat.




We were pretty impressed with our breakfast at Criniti’s, with a large expansive menu covering a raft of options. Prices are reasonable (considering the location) and servings are generous. What’s not to like?


Photos by Alex

*For Food’s Sake were invited to dine at Criniti’s by Sweaty Betty Pr and Criniti’s. All opinions however are our own and independent. 


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