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Bianca: A dinner date with the ever effervescent @Sweetandyummie saw me at ‘Ravens Eye’ one evening for dinner. I had my eye on this place after the burger duo over at ‘Oh Burger Me’ gave its Cheeseburger a rather stellar score.


Ravens eye is a new addition to Newtown’s King Street and has some heavyweight backing from the team responsible for the ‘Neighbourhood’ and ‘Henrietta Supper Club’. Part small bar/restaurant the menu is skewed more to an Italian slant but we mainly deviated and went the American route.

We started with some ‘Potato & 4 cheese croquettes’ –w/mustard sauce $8. A great little entrée to ease us into the eating fest. I would have liked some varying form of texture within the croquette as I found it a little mushy but the flavour was there.

DSC02235 (2)

Mac N cheese anything always grabs my attention so I really pushed for the ‘Mac ‘N’ Cini’ balls –w/pig heads & smoked tomato jam $10. These had that perfect combination of flavour and texture, with the macaroni pasta cooked al dente giving a bit of bite and the shredded pigs head added some mild sweetness.


Then the most anticipated menu item arrived, the ‘Royale with cheese’ –w/ home-made mustard pickle & American cheese, served with fries $15. A perfectly cooked, medium rare to medium patty encased between a soft pillowy, steamed bun. This was a burger that had me questioning with each bite. I appreciate a strong cheese melt and this was up there with some of the best in Syds – but I couldn’t help but think the burger was slightly let down by its beef patty, it was cooked well but I would have liked a bit more seasoning. There was a faultless amount of both mustard and ketchup. This gets a 3.8/5 pickles.


My ‘Italian-ness’ was intent on being unleashed with the ‘Meatball Sub’ – w/rocket, putanesca sauce & American cheese $14. Something no legitimate FOB Italian would ever dream of ordering, most would balk at the prospect. Polpetti on a roll? Crazy town. The pork meatballs were tasty, juicy and cooked well. The sauce was a touch on the sweet side but I did like the generous shavings of parmesan. Also quite a tricky one to eat, best to smoosh the meatballs down into the bread!


And lastly, what is possibly becoming my favourite part of a meal, dessert! Originally we reigned in our choice to the one dessert but threw caution to the wind and decided at the last moment to try both desserts on the menu. The ‘Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice-Cream Sandwich’ $9 was one that surprised with each bite, the peanut aspect came into play in the form of the biscuit, the jelly was (you guessed it) jelly pieces within a strawberry ice-cream. A rather delightful combination. I’ve always felt ice-cream as dessert is a bit of a cop-out, I always need some form of chocolate or cake for it to really qualify for that guilty status. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the ‘Lemon Pie Bombe Alaska’ $12. Honestly, everything’s that much more exciting when it’s doused in alcohol and set on fire. The meringue was on the verge of being burnt (our fault) as we were a little carried away taking photos and forgot to blow the flame out. Both desserts were a strong way to close the meal.




I could definitely see myself coming back with friends for a tipple and some food. It’s obvious that drinks are important but just as much care is clearly also paid to the food.


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