Kansas City Shuffle – The Rocks

Alex: I don’t need to tell you guys…but in-case you missed the memo, there’s a new kid on the block. Kansas City Shuffle. Think industrialised warehouse meets minimalist decor. All of us natural light lovers would love it, as it is literally a haven for photo taking goodness… If you snag a table like below.


Owner Benny, manning the fort.

The cafe offers a takeaway window with baked goodies and take-away coffees. Which is particularly NYC reminiscent.  Here you can get a cup o joe and some sweets like Simon Says Donuts, muffins and other savoury pastries.


The lunch began with a Lamb salad with black barley, smoked eggplant, yoghurt and dukkah. The lamb was quite soft, and the flavours of that crunchy dukkah infused beautifully with the yoghurt that also had a light drizzle of olive oil. This dish is texturally on point guys.



This was a regular occurrence throughout the day hahaha. From myself as well!
and this was the end result!


To keep us hungry morsels going, we were brought out a party of beef brisket on a waffle with a poached egg $20. Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that correctly. waffles, brisket, egg. It was unanimous that the brisket was the star of the dish. Perfectly cooked with some wonderful flavours pulling through but the downfall was the waffle. With a few tweaks this has the potential to be a real killer dish….Literally, it’s like a heart attack waiting to happen.




The KCS Cuban Sandich with berkshire pork belly, ham off the bone, cheese, pickles and mustard $17 was one of the stand out dishes of the day. Perfect combination of sweet and savory from an array of flavours including the delicious pork belly to the buttery flakey bread. This is a winner and as mentioned from a few at the table…a great hangover cure!


These days when Bianca sees anything remotely healthy, she averts her eyes and runs in the opposite direction, so when the Chia pudding with seasonal berries, puffed grains, & hazelnuts $15.50 came to the table I was surprised to find that she actually enjoyed it more than I did. I’m normally not a fan of chia seeds but fused with the sweetness of the strawberries  it actually became quite a nice dish. There was a prominent coconut flavouring coming through which we both enjoyed.


Probably the most photographed dish of the day was the Pancake with lemon curd, blueberries, cream cheese parfait & smoked almonds $17.50. Another unanimous comment, was that it was like a fusion of a chiffon cake and pancakes. Bianca made mention that she got a slight lingering after-taste of flour, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I love love loved the combination of the really strong lemon curd with the cream cheese parfait. It brought another element to the dish that the lemon curd alone wouldn’t have been able to accomplish, so kudos for that one!


Now enjoy a bunch of pancake photos!





Simon Says Donuts. An array of flavours including strawberries topped with smarties, chocolate and peanut butter, cherry ripe, and injected hazelnut balls.




So how does Kansas City Shuffle compete as a new kid on the scene? Like all new establishments there will always be a few kinks that need to be ironed out  but I was definitely impressed with the quality of food, décor and service so I’ll be back again! Even if it’s just to try that donut burger, with Bianc in tow no doubt.

_MG_3791Until next time!


*For Food’s Sake were invited to dine at Kansas City Shuffle by Wasamedia and KCS, all opinions however are our own and independent. 

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