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Bianca: Like most people these days, time has become our most precious commodity. After a full day at work, a gym work-out, ferrying kids around (my imaginary ones) the last thing you want to do is come home and have to worry about cooking a meal for the family.

We were given the opportunity to sample Marley Spoon, a grocery/meal service with a twist. Unlike competitors on the market that deliver just groceries, leaving you to put together a meal out of assorted ingredients and other services that deliver pre-prepared meals. Marley Spoon offers a service whereby you select a preferred menu, all grocery items including fresh fruit/veg, poultry, meat, dairy items and kitchen staples such as tinned tomatoes/beans. Are accompanied by a simple, easy to follow recipe with each step clearly set out with photos.


I’m definitely much more of a baker than a savoury cook so my regular Monday – Friday evening meals are a little on the pedestrian and repetitive side. So I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with different recipes. I will say the idea is genius, everything is portioned and weighed out, with clear and concise labels. Whilst still leaving some jobs to be done; such as cutting chicken, chopping veggies and cooking everything to bring it all together. So there is some sense of accomplishment after the meal is completed. Rather than simply opening up a plastic container, bunging it in the microwave and nuking the hell out of it.

The ‘Menus’ change week to week so if you subscribe as a regular customer it’ll alleviate that repetitiveness of meals. A popular 3 day weekly plan for 2 people comes in at $69.90. I liked the fact that this wasn’t touted as ‘diet’ or ‘healthy’ meal replacements, rather a focus on fresh, seasonal food that both tastes good and is nourishing. Ingredients were of the highest quality so there should be no concerns as to value for money or inferior products being used to cut costs.


In my quest to cut down on red meat consumption during the week, I opted for two meals. One the ‘Jeera Chicken w/rice & Almonds’ and the ‘Borlotti & Walnut meatballs with polenta & Greens’.

The Jeera chicken was a mildly spiced Indian dish. I love Indian food and appreciated the muted spices, the crunch from the roasted almonds and the cooling notes of yoghurt at the end. This was a favourite.




I was intrigued by the Meatball dish as I’m always looking for a way to go ‘meat-free’ during the week and thought the idea of walnuts, beans and ricotta rolled into meatballs was a fantastic idea. It sounded a little better on paper than it did in execution. I personally didn’t mind the flavour but I couldn’t say it was a hit with the family. Deceived by what they thought were actual ‘meat’-balls…suckers!!!





I was certainly impressed with the service and the variety of recipes on offer and if you sometimes struggle for a midweek meal this might be the perfect solution.


Marley Spoon have set up a unique coupon code for For Food’s Sake readers. Simply enter FORFOODSAKE when setting up your profile on the Marley Spoon website and receive $35 off your first box.

*For Food’s Sake were provided with a sample of two Marley Spoon meals, all opinions however are our own and independent. 

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