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Bianca: It was burger o’clock in FFS world and when we can combine Alex’s favourite brunch(y) dishes with my go-to, burgers. It’s a win win. Bangbang has been popping up with some ridiculously good-looking burgers the last 6 months or so. And an extended invite had us popping down quick smart.

We rocked up close to closing time on a Sunday and had most of the café to ourselves. Vibe is laid back and casual, with ridiculously killer 80’s rock blastin.

A round of juices were ordered to bump up the fibre factor – The Pineapple, Green Island and Farutay all $6 each. I’m taking credit for the favourite with the Farutay coming out on top!


Dipping into the breakfast menu Alex went with the Sweetcorn fritters –w/poached eggs, pancetta and maple syrup $16.90. These were unlike any corn fritters I’ve had, they almost resembled little hotcakes. It wasn’t until you cut into the fritters to reveal the corn kernels. With a smearing of maple syrup around the plate’s edges this was a sweet/salty combo that was easy to continue eating. No faulting the flawless poached eggs either.


Tagging along was our recent hand model acquisition, Frace. She also loves a good chicken burger and so went with the Fried Chicken – w/buttermilk fried chicken, sriracha cabbage slaw, lettuce, tomato & bangbang sauce $13.90 served with fries. Minor quibble but the fried chicken was more akin to a chicken schnitz but none the less I’d happily order again. Really interesting kick from the slaw but one that may be a little too confronting for our hand model.


I went full on fatty with the All Star – w/wagyu beef patty, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato & bangbang sauce $13.90. My general go to order is a cheeseburger with crispy bacon and I’ve now started to throw in double cheese to the mix and sometimes peanut butter. So couldn’t help myself here. The cheese was in ABUNDANCE. Pooling into large masses and trying to escape my clutches by oozing out the sides of the burgers. The patty was both seasoned and cooked well, juicy with a slightly pink centre. If there were ever perfect ratios for salad to appear in a burger they’ve nailed it for me. Single thin slice of lettuce and thinly sliced tomato. No need to include the whole garden! This was a great burger and I’d be keen to try more of their on menu burgers and their specials. For the FBAS fatties a 4.5/5 pickles.


And lastly, serving as ‘dessert’. We got the Banana and Walnut Stack $13.90 a strong recommendation for those that love sweets in the morning, the pancakes were on the thinner side. I tend to prefer a fluffier and airier pancakes but they were still very tasty.


A great little local gem with really tasty burger offerings, as far as Surry Hills go they’re up there… just quietly…much much better than Chur.


Photos by Alex

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Bangbang cafe, all opinions however are our own and independent. 

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  1. ‘no need to include the whole garden’ haha yep I’m 100% with you on that! The all star burg sounds the biz!

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