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Bianca: Team FFS have been exploring Sydney’s foreshores it seems. It’s easy to dismiss the touristy eating traps of Darling Harbour and Circular Quay but walk up a ways to King Street Wharf and there are actually some really decent restaurants to discover. And with Barangaroo unveiling new eateries every few months, the competition is high.

Beer Deluxe has been on my radar for a few months and not for reasons you’d think… While I do enjoy a beer now and then, I wasn’t here for one of the 150+ beers on offer, I was here for the burgers, naturally…

I will preface this little write-up with this: I did a 5 day detox prior to my visit. No dairy, no wheat, no red meat and no caffeine. So I was well and truly ready to murder a burger, though I doubt this had any sway regarding my feelings towards the food.

And boys that beer together stay together!


We kicked off our meal with a serving of the Onion Rings w/tomato chutney $12 to date these are probably the best I’ve had. Which was pretty much unanimous across the table. Incredibly crunchy with none of that stringy onion. Strong recommendation!


The venue manager Christine gave a pretty big thumbs up for the Pork Belly w/lime caramel $16 so I was glad I asked for her favourites before ordering. Crispy and moreish and incredibly hard to stop at just one. Which I didn’t… and paired with the sticky and sweet lime caramel at the bottom of the plate, this was a great little starter.


I was intrigued by the Chicken and Goats cheese sausage rolls w/beetroot and fig chutney $14 but ultimately these were slightly less successful than the other dishes. I’m all for reinventing the wheel but nothing beats the classic beef/pork flavourings.


My Friends never let me down and were each instructed to “order different burgers, or so help you god…..”Pretty much along that vain. Benita with The Deluxe –w/double patty, cheese, bacon, onion, lettuce, mayo and deluxe sauce $23. A hulking burger that was demolished in minutes.


Ben tackled The Lot –w/ beef patty, lettuce, cheese, egg, bacon, tomato, onion, mayo and deluxe sauce $20. Egg on a burger has never been my jam but feedback was again great for this burger.


Poor Felicity….having been tasked with all the ordering I made a little boo boo. She requested the Crumbed Chicken burger w/lettuce, mayo and deluxe sauce $19. With the option to add cheese…but I forgot!! She was unimpressed… Despite the lack of the creamy aspect that cheese brings to the table, she still enjoyed her burger. But we both agreed that the chicken lacked seasoning and that cheese should really come standard with the burger, as it was a little plain Jane without it.


And for myself? Easy decision. The Cheeseburger –w/lettuce, cheese, mayo and deluxe sauce $17.50. I opted to nix the lettuce and add an extra slice of cheese $1 and bacon $2. Which in my eyes really elevated this to a more desirable burger. I don’t do the crispy water as we all know, so I mostly choose to have it left off my burgers. The beef patty was cooked a little over what I usually prefer but it was still juicy. Perfect amount of sauce and super crispy bacon. Double cheese was also the way to go, although Felicity didn’t enjoy my dairy gloating. For the FBAS crowd, a respectable 3.5/5 pickles.




We made our way through a number of beers and ciders alongside our meal but I’m no connoisseur, guaranteed if you have a beer related question they’d be able to help you out. My thoughts on beer mostly round out to “Want beer, like beer, beer good” – all from the lady herself, Buffy Summers.


It’s fairly casual and a really great option for drinks and food with a view.


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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Beer Deluxe but all opinions and thoughts are our own an independent. Especially when it comes to ‘all the burgers’. 

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