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Bianca: My interest with southern inspired fare started with my 2014 US trip, everyone has to experience New Orleans and its Creole food just once in their lives. I’ve always had an affinity with burgers and fried food. But there’s just something about soul food that really speaks to something deep within. It’s comforting, rich, artery clogging food that makes you smile. I’d sampled the goods from Chef Adam Cremona at a burger tasting at Marly Bar last year but it wasn’t a true representation of the food coming out of the Miss Peaches kitchen, as it was for a ‘White Castle’ homage.

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It did however, introduce me to the revelatory Maple bacon ketchup, one of few in-house sauces made by Adam. I came away from dinner with 3 and I’m already thinking about what I can pair that tomato sauce with!!
Now the food, it’s one of those situations where everything sounds amazing but you have to exercise some constraint and reign it. We had, no fewer than 8 dishes between 3. And that doesn’t even include dessert. We’ll call it the ‘F45 threesome’. Myself, Alex and @lickyourphones, Kat. With our serious eating hats fully deployed, the food onslaught began.

Instantly jumping off the menu is the Baked Brie w/ toasted cornbread $16 hands down, the best cornbread I’ve had in Oz during my recent explorations. I’ve had some pretty shocking ones but this was full of flavour, crispy exterior and biggest tick of approval, not bone dry.


Smoked Bone Marrow $12 generally would not be my go to but if you’re a fan I think you’ll appreciate Miss Peaches offering. It was particularly good smeared on the cornbread.


After 3 weeks in Texas and numerous ‘biscuits’ I was hoping Adam would send out one of the Biscuits and Creole Gravy $6 and apparently my telepathic powers work because lo and behold… Scone–esque, a nice crisp outer layer which gives way to a fluffy slightly sweet biscuit. Smothered in that rich tomato based gravy and topped with chives. Easily one I’d be happy to have all to myself.


I had a pretty average po-boy in New Orleans so I didn’t really know what to expect from the Fried Shrimp Po’Boy $18 w/fries. I preferred the fact the plump juicy shrimp/prawns had a light coating of corn meal opposed to a heavy breadcrumb. That way you could actually taste the natural sweetness in the prawns. It could have used a touch more of that creole gravy.


Naturally I was going to chuck a burger in there, the Papa Peaches Burger –w/fries $18 – nixed the lettuce and added bacon. Because life’s too short for greenery! Okay, why haven’t I heard more about this burger? Beef was a flawless medium rare with a slight kick from the Cajun seasoning. Copious amounts of cheese, I’d say overkill but really, who am I kidding… I lurve cheese! I’d add the bacon, there’s an undercurrent of smokiness within the burg and this just pushes it over the edge. And tying it all together, the bun. Soft and squishy, held everything in its place and not too cumbersome. A strong 4.6/5 pickles.



Brisket is king in the south and while it’s not nek level like the states, you can find a few places that do it well in Syd/Melbs. You’ll need to save space for the Archie Rose White Rye & Honey Brined Brisket $25. Three generous luscious pieces of brisket studded with globs of melt in the mouth fat and meat that pulled away at the slightest prodding. With those tell-tale red rings around the outer edges and a nice char on the exterior of the brisket. With and without the accompanying BBQ sauce this was a nice little surprise.

I’ve never really been a fan of bone-in chicken and the Fried Chicken Plate w/ Braised Greens & Mac N Cheese $20 sadly didn’t change that too much. The skin was crispy with some noticeable herbs and spices, the chicken moist. But I do prefer white meat so the thighs/legs don’t do too much for me. Loved the Mac N Cheese and I’d totally recommend ordering that as a side.


And of course, no meal is complete without ingesting more than a kilo of sugar. We are dessert fiends at heart. Key Lime Pie is about as Americana as you can get, with it being most memorable for those huge peaks of white meringue. My preference is without, I’m one of few Aussies that can’t stand a ‘good ol pav’. On the sweet side but there were varying elements of tart lime and the silky sweet condensed milk.


But the universal favourite, the Honey Grilled Peach w/toasted sweet corn bread and spiced rum cream. Yes yes yes! Both were specials so more than likely you will miss out on these two and I’m simply rubbing this dessert in your face. I loved the caramelisation of the corn bread once it had been toasted and then using that to mop up the honey remnants. Paired with the tart peach and the crème Fraiche. A winner all round.


So the short and sweet, Creole, Soul food? Whatever you want to call it, it’s tasty and Adam is knocking out some interesting and complex flavours.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Miss Peaches, all opinions and thoughts are our own and independent.

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  1. You had me at baked brie and toasted corn bread, but then that burger sealed the deal even more, not to mention the brisket and the fried chicken and the pie and and and…

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