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Bianca: I’ve long admired the burgers at Inferno Grill for a little while now. I don’t venture too far East very often, so it’s usually a bit of an adventure for me. But the universe aligned when we farewelled Alex on his 7-week overseas adventure. With Sydney Airport a short 10-minute car ride away we high-tailed it over to Inferno.

7:30 pm on a Thursday night and the place was heaving. There was a steady flow of dine-in patrons, takeaway and the usual delivery service guys, so it was obvious Inferno have a pretty strong following in the area.

Milkshakes and burgers are the epitomai of godly creations but my delicate stomach is a temperamental beast, so I really don’t like to tempt fate too often. BUT I was easily swayed when owner Michael mentioned the Choc Peanut thick shake $6. More often than not, milkshakes are something that sounds so easy in theory but fail miserably most of the time. I can honestly say, that this was probably one of the better shakes I’ve had. Thick, with a full peanut flavour. Incredibly rich and totally worth the bloating. The Choc Nutella $6 was equally delicious but just a fraction sweeter.

Inferno 1-1

Not only did I need to work out what I was going to order but I had to sway everybody into ordering different burgers and making them think it was their idea the entire time! Mum is boring and went with the Honey Badger -w/ grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, coleslaw, honey mustard mayo (aged cheddar, which was removed) $14. For those wanting a healthier option, this is probably a good choice but it lacked that wow factor for me. I found the grilled chicken a little tough. Adding fried chicken, on the other hand, would have changed the flavour profile completely. As is stood, 2/5 pickles.

Inferno 2-1

It gets much much better, don’t be alarmed. The older brother went with the Southern Fried – w/ crispy chicken, lettuce, aioli & bacon $ 13. A really solid fried chicken burg (sandwich, for the purists) the chicken had a light coating, similar to KFC. I appreciated the shredded lettuce which really does make life a whole lot easier. An ample amount of sauce to coat the chicken. I cannot express enough just how good the maple glazed bacon was. Honestly, some of the best bacon I’ve ever had. I’m a fiend for crispy bacon but here, it just melted in the mouth. The only thing I question across the 4 burgers was the burger bun. A damper style roll, yet more yielding and soft. Not my first pick but I’ll allow it. 3.8/5 pickles.

Inferno 3-1

Dad initially had eyes for my chosen burg but I changed that quick smart, instead steering him towards the Lord of the Fries -w/slow cooked beef, beer-battered chips, aioli, caramelised onions, American cheddar & bbq sauce $15. If you like your burgers messy and saucy you’re going to love this one. With a glorious Vesuvius level of cheese oozing everywhere, the beef was incredibly tender and full flavoured. The best thing? Not a lettuce leaf in sight.

Inferno 4-1

And finally, the main event. I went with the Super Trooper -w/beef, 4x maple bacon, 4x American cheddar, ketchup, aioli, mustard & pickles $14 + an added mozzarella patty. There’s a whole lot going on here but there is A LOT to like. First up, the beef, with a good deal of seasoning this had an almost Mediterranean flavour profile. The cheese and bacon ratios were riiiiiiiight up my alley and despite being in abundance I didn’t think their presence loud or overpowering. Perfect ratios of sauce. I liked the texture of the mozzarella patty but it’s not really a cheese known for a strong flavour so it got lost here. Easily one of the best burgers I’ve had lately, a strong 4.6/5 pickles.

Inferno 5-1

Inferno 8-1

Carbs are always a necessity, the Onion Rings (L) $9 were a standout, crispy batter and the biggest coup, not at all oily. Thick cut chips (L) $9 were equally great.

I was really impressed with the burgers at Inferno Grill if they were closer I could easily see them being a firm favourite. I’ll be back and I have my eyes on the Donald Mick Ronald 🙂 Big Mac anyone?


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests but all opinions are our own.

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