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[invite] Bianca: We had some experience with Betty’s Burgers last year during our impromptu QLD getaway HERE and there was much to be excited about. The burgers have a distinctive look to them, with the signifying element being my arch-nemesis… the lettuce leaf. Foliage aside, the burgers are actually quite good.

Bettys 1-1-2

With Team FFS in opposite ends of the world I roped in honorary member, Felicitations, we’ve known each other since we were fifteen and she mostly does everything I ask, including ogling burgers for 5 minutes while I take photos.

Bettys 2-1

Branding is Schmick and I’d probably put them in the same category as Royal Stacks in terms of quality and price point. But just how would they fare in the Sydney burger market?

Bettys 3-1

I went for the same burgers as my initial Surfers P visit but made a few modifications. The Betty’s Classic-Deluxe – w/Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, Bettys special sauce – add pickles & bacon $15. Going the deluxe route makes ALL the difference, with the tartness of the pickles changing the flavour profile completely. I’m going to be a hater for a moment but we NEED to talk about the lettuce situation, I don’t know if these guys buy in mega bulk or have some stock in a lettuce farm somewhere but this was really the only negative point for me. We loved the soft, pliable milk buns. The gorgeous, charred, well-seasoned beef patty, glorious cheese, crispy bacon, sweet caramelised onions and enough lettuce to feed a family. Nix the crispy water and you have a great, slightly exxy cheeseburger. FBAS peeps, 3.9/5 pickles.

Bettys 6-1

Bettys 7-1

The Crispy Chicken – w/Southern Fried Chicken, lettuce, tomato, betty’s special sauce + added cheese & bacon $14. Bit of an improvement from my last experience, a more generous piece of fried chicken breast. Juicy with some super crispy bits on the outer edges. I do recommend adding cheese & bacon, it really does crack things up to another level. I’ll keep my lips zipped about the lettuce. 3.6/ 5 pickles.

Bettys 8-1

And probably the one that surprised us both the most the Shroom Burger -w/a fried mushroom filled with Gouda & Gruyere cheese, lettuce, tomato, betty’s special sauce $12. Who said vego burgers had to be boring? The stuffed and fried mushroom ‘patty’ is genius, you never really feel like you’re missing a protein element at all. Once you take that initial first bite, a lava-like cheese sauce oozes from the centre of the mushroom. 4/5 pickles.

Bettys 5-1

Bettys 11-1

I can vouch for both the French Fries $5 and the Onion Rings $6, you can buy accompanying sauces with our favourite being the Garlic Mayo $2.  Make sure you save room for dessert but a little shake never hurt nobody… knowing I had some peanut butter in my direct future, I went with the Caramel Shake $8. Thick and creamy without being cloyingly sweet and rich.

Bettys 4-1

And to Betty’s other speciality, their Concretes. A “rich & creamy ice cream, blended at high speed with mix-ins”. I instantly zeroed in on two – the Peanut Butter Brittle – chocolate custard, peanut brittle, hot fudge sauce & vanilla cream $8. I enjoyed the texture of the custard but it was really all about the other elements for me, particularly the peanut brittle. Hot Fudge Doughnut -w/vanilla custard, Krispy Kreme doughnut, hot fudge sauce hazelnut crumble & vanilla cream $8 I found the texture of the soft doughnut a little odd with the ice-cream but the flavour was great.

Bettys 12-1

With more stores to come Betty’s invasion isn’t slowing down. A great option if you’re in the area!


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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests but all opinions are our own and independent. 

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  1. Aargh really get headache from the lettucehahaha looks like they are going for the shake shack look. Minus the lettuce, burgers look good and sounds good esp the shroom one.

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