The Rusty Rabbit, Burwood ‘The Pancake Files’.

[invite] Bianca: And we’re back for some mid morning brunching in the hood and with the dynamic duo, Bob-Squad back Jugernauts together. We set our sights on The Rusty Rabbit in Burwood. Having grown up in the area I spent the formative part of my teenage years actively avoiding the suburb, as I was guaranteed to run into everybody I went to high school with. And who has time for small talk?

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But away from Westfield, a new burgeoning food hub is emerging in Emerald Square. Partly indoor/outdoor with a super child-friendly set-up but I’ll be honest, I was here for the pancake and the pancake alone!!

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Starting with a Skim Cappucino & Flat White $3.50 no sugar needed and a great ratio of milk to coffee.

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The menu is pretty expansive and there’s a lot to choose to from. We covered two dishes from the All-day breakfast menu and the lunch menu (which kicks in at 11 am). The Lamb Eggs -w/ Lamb kafta, labneh, grated cucumber, pomegranate & zaatar poached eggs $18.50 w/ a hash brown + $3. Pretty as a picture when it hit the table. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish as it’s not really something I would ordinarily gravitate towards. The kafta wasn’t too overpowering which was greatly helped by the refreshing thin strands of cucumber and bursts of sweetness from the pomegranate seeds. It does look rather delicate but it’s a generous portion and the eggs pad the meal out.

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But really, I think everyone comes for the Pancakes -w/Ricotta, strawberries, berry compote, passion fruit, maple syrup & crushed pistachios $17. My general response to a good pancake? A slow, slow clap… followed by an intense quiet moment while I inhale them. There’s a lot to like here, the pancakes fluffy, airy and flavourful. I liked the sharpness from the compote and the slight acidic notes from the ricotta. These were not drenched in maple syrup thankfully so you could really taste all the elements. The pistachios were a nice touch. But the more pancakes I eat, I am starting to see a trend in the more ‘successful pancakes’ and these usually involve layering ingredients between the stack. As I usually find the bottom layer of the pancake both boring and tasteless. This kind of straddled that line. But still, a tasty offering and one I would come back for if I was in the area.

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The Cheeseburger -w/beef, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, tomato sauce, American mustard, cheddar cheese on a milk bun w/chips $16.50 + bacon $2.50 was not as successful as the previous two dishes. The bun, while soft, was a little cumbersome. As you can see, the ratio’s were slightly off for me. The flavour was pleasant but the beef was overcooked.

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The Southern Fried Chicken Burger -w/double crumbed chicken, coral lettuce, tomato, chilli mayo & chips $16.50 fared much better. Crispy, juicy chicken, a good amount of mayo. I did remove the foliage and for my personal tastes, I would have liked cheese (which you can add) I would probably go that route when I return.

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Some quality offerings at Rusty Rabbit, a strong recommendation for the pancakes. I know I’ll be adding crispy bacon next time!


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of the Rusty Rabbit.

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