Picnics at home with UberEATS!

We’re all a bit time poor these days but that doesn’t mean we have to skimp on the good times just because it’s in short supply. Literally, one of our favourite things to do EVER is spending quality outdoor time in the sun. Usually, it’s lying down and spent recuperating after a big meal. We are seasoned professional eaters after all.

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But sometimes we just can’t find the time to leave the office/house so we throw ourselves little impromptu picnics at home. The convenience of a few clicks online or through the App is just too hard to pass up, 20 – 30 minutes later and the food is at your door.


We like to cover the whole gamut when it comes to ‘picnic food’ – you have to have your small bites, your mains and of course, dessert!

Sourcing from some of our favourite locals, we had;

Salmon Sashimi from Yume Sushi, North Strathfield.


Acai Bowl & Chicken Avocado Salad from Nutrition Station North Stathfield.


Chicken Schnitzel & Chips & Avocado Toast from The Picnic, Burwood.



Cakes from The Cake Shop, Concord.



All the food arrived excellently packed, including our delicate avocado on toast from The Picnic. Which held up incredibly well in transit.

And the beauty of it all? No mess, minimal washing, and happy tummies!


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