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[invite] Bianca: Alongside my obsession with burgers and pancakes, sushi makes a pretty regular appearance in my diet. This is a recent development having avoided fish for most of my young life, where this new interest came from I do not know… All I know, I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.

Raw 18-1

I first noticed Raw Bar back when I visited Harry’s café (just next door) last year. With a prime spot just across from Bondi beach, the view is pretty darn picturesque. I couldn’t really imagine a better spot in the summertime.

Raw 1-1

Shooting casual ESP vibes, we were brought out some Edamame $6.5 with generous chunks of rock salt. These always get the appetite going. Not requested but appreciated, was the Miso Soup $4.50. I’ve never really been a fan so I mostly left mine untouched.

Raw 2-1

Sashimi can be hit or miss for me so I mostly avoid it unless the establishment is reputable. The Kingfish Sashimi (6pcs) $17 was tender and velvety in the mouth, there was a muted sweetness and best of all. No offending fishiness.

Raw 5-1

Raw 4-1

And now to the main attraction, the sushi. The Chicken Teriyaki Roll –w/avocado, lettuce & cucumber (6pcs) $10. One thing to compliment across the board was the tightly bound roll of the sushi. A perfect ‘bite’, my only comment would be that I would have liked more chicken but that’s me being pedantic. All of the ratios were mostly pretty succinct. The toasted sesame seeds giving a slight nuttiness.

Raw 6-1

I fell in love with my local sushi joints Spicy Tuna Roll, so felt it was only fair to compare and contrast. Here it’s served with Japanese spices, marinated raw tuna w/cucumber & lettuce (6pcs) $13. There was a mild kick, especially paired with my soy/wasabi concoction (I’m the equivalent of white trash when it comes to sushi eating, apologies). I was particularly blown away by the texture within the roll, with the cucumber having an audible crunch with every bite.

Raw 7-1

Next up was the universal favourite and without being too emphatic… one of the best pieces of sushi I’ve eaten. The Crispy Salmon Rolls – Salmon sashimi –w/avocado, crunchy tempura ake (6pcs) $20.50. What made this for me was the texture of the tempura crumbs in the centre. It was a large mouthful (you’ll definitely look unattractive eating it) but it’s worth the looks. I’d travel back to Bondi for this piece of sushi alone!

Raw 9-1

Raw 19-1

Equally delicious was the Spicy Prawn Tempura Roll – w/tempura prawn, lettuce, cucumber, spicy jalapeno mayo & topped with crunchy tempura flakes (6pcs) $14. With a plump, crispy nugget of sweet prawn, excellent ratios of ingredients.

Raw 10-1

And the final sushi, the Mt Fuji Roll – A dragon roll of seared salmon, cooked prawn, lettuce, cucumber & avocado w/ponzu mayo (6pcs) $22. There was a discernible creaminess to the cooked salmon, a fabulous interplay of sweet and sour notes from the prawn and ponzu mayo.

Raw 16-1

I was told by several people that the one thing I HAD to order was the Nasu no Dengaku – Fried eggplant w/sweet miso dressing $15.50. And I could see why it had come so highly recommended, meaty, succulent caramelised eggplant. Eaten right down to the skin.

Raw 14-1

Raw 15-1

After the Black Miso Cod at both Nobu & Tokonoma, I was intrigued as to how Raw Bar’s would stack up. The Misozuke Cod –w/ a flamed miso dressing $30 was intensely buttery and flaky. Falling apart at the slightest prodding. I enjoyed the contrasting sweet and caramelised notes.

Raw 12-1

Raw 13-1

I really couldn’t fault anything I ate at Raw Bar and I’m already looking forward to a return visit.


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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Raw Bar.

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  1. Dang – u beat me to the post – new job is holding me off from getting my posts up – was mean to post for this last week. Easily my favourite Japanese in Sydney and that blew my mind – that Black Cod – faaarrrrrkkkkkkkkk. I have already returned for my second visit and am planning on taking the parents for a third. Great pics B

  2. So many delicacies you offer and so little can I eat at a time.. LOLzz.. Suggest something that I can enjoy with my lady love in vegetarian category, whenever we are there next time.

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