Work lunches with UberEATS

Powering through a busy day at work, sometimes making time for lunch can be a bit of a stressful situation. We constantly wrestle with wanting to be healthy and time management. In an ideal world, we’d all want to be eating something delicious that is equally nutritious.

Taking some of the hassles out of a busy day is UberEATS, these days lunch at home ‘the office’, can be summoned with a few quick presses of the button and within 25-35 minutes, it’s at the door.

A good diet is a balanced diet and we love options. Something UberEATS has in spades. An Acai Bowl from Nutrition Station, North Strathfield providing those early morning vitamins and nutrients. A good hit of fruits and nuts to really get you powering through.

Chicken & Avocado Salad from Nutrition Station, when you’re on the go and wanting to save some space for that Bacon cheeseburger a little later (we all do it).

Salmon Sashimi from Yume Sushi. 

Never feel guilty for indulging yourself with something you can whip up. Especially when it looks like the Avocado Toast from The Picnic, Burwood. Sometimes you just want to feel a little bit fancy pants at home.

And for those stressful days and that 3pm slump. A sugar rush, a few dials away. Cakes from The Cake Shop, Concord.

All just a few clicks away via UberEATS!




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