Holy Duck, Chippendale

[invite] Bianca: Team FFS has made a fairly sizeable dent in Chippendale’s Kensington Streets dining district and we’re now 4/5 in the Old Rum Store. Housing some of our favourite restaurants on the strip. Finally adding to the list is Holy Duck, with heavy hitters Din Tai Fung & Chef’s Gallery as a pre-cursor to this endeavour I was eager to check them out.

Holy Duck 11-1

An excellent telltale sign, a busy Wednesday night trade. Come 7pm almost every table was taken, with a steady stream of deliveries being sent out simultaneously. Joining me tonight was honourary 4th FFS member Felicitations. Who happens to hate duck, oops…

Holy Duck 1-1

We started our duck extravaganza with the Spring Rolls -w/duck, mushroom & vegetables (2pc) $8. Generous pieces of duck and vegetables with a crispy outer coating, remind us why spring rolls are a classic favourite!

Holy Duck 2-1

Holy Duck 3-1

The Steamed Duck & Pork Dumplings -w/ a Shanghainese sauce (6pc) $14 were delicate morsels packing a flavour punch. Immediately hitting the palate was a burst of sweetness, followed by a bold umami-rich porkiness (I apologise for that word).

Holy Duck 4-1

I thought I’d ease Felicity into the duck by ordering a fairly ‘user-friendly’ dish. The Roast Holy Duck! Deboned – served with 6 steamed pancakes, hoisin sauce, cucumber & shallots $30. A fairly generous amount of crispy, luscious duck. This could easily serve 3 people, I would have liked a bit more cucumber & shallots but a minor quibble. I’m sure if I asked they would have brought more.

Holy Duck 5-1

We were both obsessed with the Sichuan Style Crispy Battered Zucchini -w/ a honey dressing $16. These were amazing! Turning a run of the mill vegetable like the zucchini into little nuggets of gold! The honey dressing had an interesting sour vinegar note that lingered on the palate, along with a nice kick from the chilli.

Holy Duck 6-1

Holy Duck 7-1

And the final savoury Stir-Fried Noodles with Wagyu Beef $18. Flavourwise it reminded me of a char kway teow. The beef was tender, the noodles had a bouncy bite.

Holy Duck 8-1

And finally, to finish the Coconut Cheesecake Stack -w/strawberries & salted caramel $14. A lovely light cream cheese flavour, excellent texture of the pastry and all tied together by the fresh berries & salted caramel.

Holy Duck 9-1

I’d definitely be back if I was looking for a Chinese fix, the menu is fairly sizeable and I had my eyes on the crispy pork belly.


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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Holy Duck. 

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  1. Deboned duck, that’s my kinda duck, all the hard work is done. Every dish looks so good, salivating. I was in Kensington St last Friday and the line to get into Holy Duck was pretty long. A good sign!

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