Aviary Coffee House, Wentworth Point.

[invite] Bianca: Going back, say 10 years. Wentworth Point was mostly populated by huge factories with a steady stream of trucks rolling in and out for their daily commute. It also happened to be the ‘next hot suburb’ after Rhodes had their major boom. Hence, why it was the jumping point for me to dip my toes into the housing market in 2013.

It’s seen a rather massive redevelop of late, gone are the factories. Now you’ll find a multitude of high rise apartments, all tied together by the Bennelong Bridge (a pedestrian & bus only bridge connecting Wentworth point to Rhodes). And with apartments, come people… and those people want coffee!

Aviary Coffee House opened late last year, attached to the IGA shopping centre, minus the tables outside, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it, hole in the wall space (which ultimately doesn’t dismiss its food prowess).

Starting with a round of coffees, a medium Cappucino will set you back $3.50. Owner Perry was also keen for us to try some of their fresh juices and smoothies and sent out a few for us to sample. The Red & Green both $8 weren’t really up my alley, I typically go for something a little sweeter (less veg if you know what I mean). The Mixed Berry Smoothie $8 great for those that want a more substantial fruity kick.

Now on to the good stuff. Starting with the Brioche French Toast – w/sweet rhubarb compote, cherry coulis, vanilla ice-cream, rose & roast nut crumble $16. Typically I shy away from French Toast but these were crispy on the outside with a nice spongy interior texture, absorbing all of that eggy mixture. I particularly enjoyed the combo of the sharp compote alongside the natural sweetness of the mixed fruit. Pro tip, crispy bacon just makes everything better!

We were all blown away by the Strawberry & Pistachio bread w/ sweet mascarpone & nut crumb $12. This expertly straddled that line between too sweet and just right. I could have easily finished this entire plate by myself. If I had any feedback, it would be to add just a touch more mascarpone.

Another strong dish is the Golden Cauliflower – Cauli and 3 cheese hash brown w/creamed pea puree, raw zucchini pasta & herbed yoghurt dressing $4 + a Poached Egg. Essentially a delicious crispy/ fluffy potato cake/hash brown hybrid. I enjoyed the tanginess of the herbed yoghurt, as well as the creamy yolk #strongaddition #usetheforce

Mum, clearly regressing. Ordered the Avocado Smash & Soldier Dippers $6 off the kid’s menu. Your typical smashed avo, it did need salt but that was easily remedied. I will say, it’s a fairly generous serve for the price.

And finally, my arch nemesis… the Mango & Banana Acai Bowl. Namely, the Acai Bowl. These really, do nothing for me but Alex & mum love them. They both enjoyed the tropical fruit used but found the consistency a little gluggy, as well as wanting more of the granola/ muesli mixture.

Some strong dishes at this new cafe, they’re technically a local, being a short 15-minute bike ride from my abode in Meadowbank. So will definitely stop in another time.


Photos by Alex

*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Aviary Coffee House. 

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